The pandemic affected millions of people across the globe. The power of humanity also shines through as many of us stepped up to contribute in the wake of a global crisis. NGOs were set up and undertook the responsibility of ensuring the right support reached the masses. Many donated in different ways to encourage the NGOs and encourage their missions. In a time like this, trust and accessibility were the two pillars that the entire non-profit ecosystem relied on. A safe payment gateway for NGOs like PayU offered over 150+ payment methods to those willing to donate and went a long way in establishing credibility for the NGOs.

Payment gateways also made it easier for NGOs to receive donations from all over the world, with the ease of tracking and quick bank settlements. Well, that’s not enough, let’s talk about the benefits of having a payment gateway for NGOs in detail:

Benefits of an Online Payment Gateway for NGOs

No Setup Fee

The best payment gateways for NGOs like PayU understand that NGOs always strive toward a unified cause. Paying a setup fee or upfront costs to be able to use the payment gateway would be counterproductive for NGOs for whom every rupee matters. PayU’s special payment gateway for NGOs in India recognizes the need and does not charge any setup fee for NGOs looking to integrate PayU as a payment gateway to receive donations.

Quick Approvals

NGOs work in a dynamic and rapid environment. Timely approvals for setting up essential tools like online payment gateways for NGOs are necessary for smooth functionality. PayU offers swift 2-day approvals for NGOs looking to integrate a safe payment gateway for receiving donations. Through this feature, NGOs can hit the ground running and maximize their impact on society without worrying about lengthy, time-consuming approval processes.

Minimal Documentation

Using financial tools often comes with an extensive documentation list and endless approvals. The best payment gateways for NGOs in India offer a seamless process with minimal documentation as needed so that the NGOs can begin their operations as soon as possible.

Easy Website Integrations

Available as an easy-to-add plugin, Charitable PayU can be easily integrated into any WordPress website through the Donation plugin. Signing up on the PayU website to integrate the plugin on any website is a seamless process too.

Website Integrations Are Not Mandatory

While some NGOs have their own websites to showcase credibility, many NGOs operate without one. Most of the time, payment gateways for NGO websites are integrated into accepting payments via the website. However, NGOs are coming up with alternative ways of spreading awareness and using different platforms to integrate payment collections. PayU allows a payment gateway integration for NGOs without a website as well.

Seamless Tracking

Tracking donations and donors with ease is an important task for any NGO. The PayU payment gateway for NGOs allows access to a user-friendly dashboard, tracking every donation and donor details which can help them plan their subsequent processes seamlessly. This feature makes NGO operations extremely productive and collaborative.

Bank Account Settlements

When a donation is made, it becomes imperative that money is reflected in the NGO’s bank account immediately to facilitate their expenses. The best payment gateway for NGOs offers a swift settlement in the NGO’s bank account when a donation is made to maintain liquidity. PayU offers quick settlements directly to the bank account of the NGO.

High Transaction Success Rate

Donations to an NGO are made from multiple accounts regularly. The value of each transaction could differ immensely. Sometimes, transactions of very small amounts are also made. A platform that accepts multiple forms of payment with the least amount of failed transactions is required to support a smooth payment cycle of the NGO. Online payment gateways for NGOs in India need to be equipped to handle international and domestic payments of varying kinds.

Multiple Payment Options

Accepting different forms of payments allows NGOs to have a wider reach. Through the PayU payment gateway for NGOs in India, the NGO can accept donations through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI, and many more ways!

Support International Transactions

Social causes don’t know borders. NGOs have a much wider reach when they integrate international payment gateways for smoother cross-border transactions.

No Coding Skills

One of the most challenging aspects of technology for people from a non-tech background is coding. To integrate digital tools, many organizations opt to get the help of a coder. However, NGOs can save up on such costs by choosing hassle-free payment gateways like PayU that don’t require any coding skills.

Round The Clock Support

A good consumer experience sets a company apart. PayU offers unique features along with 24×7 support where NGO representatives can get in touch for any queries they might have.


NGOs are a vital part of our ecosystem. Individuals contribute to varying causes in many different ways. Some make cash donations, some make donations in kind, some do it in a personal capacity, and some in a professional capacity. Some even offer to volunteer their time and efforts. Businesses supporting different kinds of NGOs in unique ways should be encouraged worldwide to give NGOs the independence to operate smoothly and make a more significant difference.

PayU’s vision to support NGOs in India by offering seamless payment-related services is a step forward in supporting the entire non-profit industry while ensuring that customers’ interests are safe and protected at all times. Head over to the PayU website and start your journey with us today!