Meesho helps middle-class sellers to make a profit from the comfort of one’s home. It helps everyone who has a product in demand to start their business for free. Let’s know-how to sell on Meesho

A source of extra income is a blessing for middle-class families at this difficult time, and platforms like Meesho provide lucrative options to earn revenue from the comfort of one’s home. Meesho is an Indian marketplace that allows sellers to sell their products through social media platforms, including Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. This platform enables the general public to build their own business for free. Here are the details of how Meesho works and some tips for selling on Meesho to be profitable. 

What Is Meesho?

Meesho is one of the leading e-commerce networks that pioneered the idea of social media-based marketing. There are more than one crore resellers on the Meesho seller panel. Meesho has well-known clothes, home, kitchen, and other lifestyle accessories catalogs.

Step-wise Process for Selling on Meesho

Step by step process to become a meesho seller
Step by step process to register as a Meesho seller

This procedure demonstrates how to trade and profit on Meesho, step-by-step: 

  1. Process of Meesho Seller Registration: You require a GSTIN and a bank account for becoming a supplier on Meesho. You can access the Meesho supplier panel once you have completed the Meesho seller registration process. 
  1. Adding the Catalogs and Products: By logging into the Meesho supplier panel, you can upload your Meesho product list. It is possible to create catalogs for products with multiple designs.  

It is advisable to create a catalog containing at least 3-4 products to enhance the chances of receiving an order. Suppliers can even post 5-7 Meesho product lists in the very first few days. On the Meesho supplier dashboard, you can upload one or more catalogs at a time. 

  1. Receiving the Orders: Once you publish your Meesho product list/catalog on the app, resellers can share them with their buyers via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. 
  1. Delivering the Products: Meesho informs and notifies you through e-mail and on the Meesho supplier panel whenever you get an order. The Meesho seller app delivers the product at no extra charges to the customers. 
  1. Payments of Your Orders: On the 15th day after delivery of your product, the Meesho seller app will transfer payments for your sales (including cash on delivery orders) into your registered bank account. On the Meesho Supplier Panel, you will be able to check all the payment details. 

Why Do People Prefer Selling on Meesho? 

Here are a few reasons why the Meesho suppliers prefer it over so many other e-commerce platforms: 

  • A Platform for Anyone and Everyone: Meesho is ideal for small-sized to medium-sized and branded and unbranded sellers looking to boost their income and offer better costs to resellers. 
  • Minimum Commission Charges Possible: Meesho guarantees a commission rate of less than 1.8 percent, which is extremely low in the market. Sellers also receive advice about what to supply and how much to charge. 
  • Processing and Handling are Effortless: The Meesho seller app makes it simple for suppliers to list products and design catalogs with secure and fast transactions and no delivery charges. 

Benefits of selling on Meesho 

Mentioned below are some of the major benefits that Meesho provides from sellers’ perspective: 

  • Hassle-free and easy to Use 

Meesho has a fairly straightforward interface. It is an excellent alternative for suppliers who do not want to be too involved but still want their business to run smoothly. These sellers only have to create Meesho product lists and catalogs, and the Meesho team and resellers will take care of the rest. 

  • Assistance for shipping and simple returns:  

Meesho is in charge of the entire delivery procedure. They will pick up items from the seller and deliver them to the end customer for the reseller. Meesho’s logistics partners provide fast and convenient delivery across India.  

So the sellers only have to pack the items in the order, and Meesho will take care of the rest. If the consumer is unhappy with the product or wishes to return it for a refund, they can do so rapidly. Meesho is also in charge of the return pickup. 

Meesho accepts both online and offline payments, including Cash on Delivery. Meesho’s payment systems are rapid and safe. If the supplier or the consumer has any queries, the Meesho seller support number is also available. 

  • Large consumer engagement:  

Almost all of our friends and relatives use WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. These apps have become an inseparable part of everyone’s lives. As a result, Meesho can be used to reach a large audience.  

It is easy to market because the audience consists of trusted friends and relatives. So, after your Meesho seller registration, resellers will market your products to the wider public, increasing your sales. 

  • Brand image and identity:  

Those who want to establish their own business with small to zero investment will indeed be able to do so by becoming a Meesho seller or reseller. They have the authority to set the price, profit ratio, brand name, and address that the customer will see when the order will ship.  

Customers will recognize you rather than Meesho since they are unaware that Meesho is involved throughout the purchasing process. 

Essential tips for increasing sales on Meesho 

  • To get more orders, list the most popular products. 
  • Set the prices such that the reseller has ample room to set the margins. The more margin zone you have, the more shares your catalogs will receive. 
  • Always choose the Next Day Shipment option, which compels sellers to ship orders the next business day after receiving them. This approach will enable you to increase your sales frequency. 
  • The more catalogs you publish, the better your chances of receiving orders. On the Meesho platform, you generally require 5-7 catalogs to get orders. 

The Bottom Line 

Everyone aspires to run their own company and be their boss. However, taking the initial step on the road to entrepreneurship is not easy. A large volume of money is required to start a business. However, with Meesho, you can begin your business with no money down. All you need is time and a product to get started. 

E-commerce has transformed the way we shop. And Meesho has leveraged these changing times to provide a platform to small enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. The app allows them to open their own business and earn money more effectively, as it does all its marketing on social media platforms daily.