Flipkart Marketplace provides wings to every Indian’s entrepreneurial dreams. So, becoming a Flipkart seller can bring in a vast market for your business. Here’s the detailed guide on how to become a Flipkart seller.

Flipkart stands the best among all e-commerce platforms. Flipkart has grown by leaps and bounds. The total customer base of Flipkart is somewhat around 70 million. Hence Flipkart is the perfect platform for new sellers to introduce their businesses online to stay competitive in today’s time. 

In this article, we will understand the step-by-step process of how to sell on Flipkart: 

How to start selling on Flipkart?  

Now, let us understand the entire process of becoming a Flipkart seller step by step: 

Register yourself at Flipkart

For becoming a Flipkart seller, the following are the business-related information and documents which must be submitted to Flipkart during the seller registration process on its platform, depending on the type of business registration, as follows: 

  • Selling as an Individual/  Sole Proprietorship/ Private Limited Company/ LLP/ Partnership Firm: 
  • PAN Card of individual/ proprietor/ company/ firm 
  • Bank Account in the name of the Proprietor/ company/ firm 
  • GST Registration of individual/ proprietor/ company/ firm 
  • Identification proof documents 
  • Address proof documents 
  • A valid email id 
  • A valid contact number 
  • Bank statement / cancelled cheque leaf of account registered 

Selling as a Trust & Foundation 

To sell on Flipkart as a Trust or a Foundation, sellers need to provide these documents. You must submit these documents for establishing the statutory recognition of the Trust/ Foundation. 

List your products on Flipkart

Listing products on Flipkart is comparatively more straightforward as compared to various online portals. The portal of Flipkart works on a self-service model. Sellers must have a minimum of 1 product for listing & selling on Flipkart.  

Dashboard – which manages all the products 

Once you have registered yourself as a seller & listed your products on Flipkart, you can begin to sell on the Flipkart portal. A dashboard appears to manage all the activities. Flipkart also promotes and advertises the products and provides analytical support; to let you know about the product that is performing well. You can also change the details on the dashboard like description, current pricing, and other features. However, you cannot change the title & MRP if the listed product is published. 

Products logistics & shipping by Flipkart 

Once an order is received, you have to pack the product and ready it for shipment. The logistics partner will pick it up for delivery. Flipkart has added various courier partners to their delivery team who will take up the products and deliver them anywhere in India. They also support the packaging of materials & training. Flipkart has 200 pick-up stores & more than 10,000 delivery personnel. 

Orders fulfillment on Flipkart 

Orders fulfillment on Flipkart 

This procedure includes the following steps:

  • Get new orders on the portal placed by a customer & accept them. 
  • Add shipment label bill while packing the order & keep the product ready for shipment. 
  • Dispatch the order by doing it ‘Ready to ship’ on the dashboard of the portal. 
  • There will be a downloadable manifest to assure that you gave the shipment during pick-up by the Flipkart coordination partner as per the manifest. 
  • Track the shipping till the order is delivered to your customer. 

Payment of the orders sold on Flipkart

Payment of the sold product is collected by Flipkart and sent to the vendor within 7-15 business days from the date of sale through bank transfer or UPI transfer with Rs.1,00,000 UPI limit per day on Flipkart. 


Anyone selling genuine and new products can sell on Flipkart, be it individual, Private Limited Company or Sole Proprietorship Firm. You need to submit the required documents mentioned above for registration to become eligible as a seller on Flipkart. 

Flipkart Charges per product 

Flipkart charges commission on the product value on a percentage basis on each sale. Flipkart also charges a fixed fee based on slabs of order values. Flipkart also collects fees on the payment mode like prepaid or COD. 

The seller is responsible for paying the shipping fees. Hence, to sell on Flipkart, pricing needs to include shipping charges. The seller can also charge it separately in addition to the selling price. 

It may seem prima facie that their charges are very high, but you can access millions of possible buyers and save the payment you need to make to the intermediaries in case of offline selling. 

If products are damaged during transit or misplaced because of the fraudulent claim of the customers or courier’s fault, Flipkart also has a seller protection program. 

Products you can sell on Flipkart

After giving the needed information & documents, you can start selling any product on Flipkart. The only condition is that the product should be new and genuine. However, currently, you can’t offer services on Flipkart. 

Benefits of selling on Flipkart

Since Flipkart is a leader in the e-commerce market in India, it provides many benefits and helps your business reach millions of customers. Flipkart provides the art of “smart selling”. Various other benefits are: 

  • There is no charge for the listing of your catalogue online. 
  • Flipkart also handles the shipping of the products. You only have to pack your product and make it ready for dispatch. The Flipkart Logistic partner will deliver it to the customers. 
  • Flipkart will also allow you to set the price of your product. 
  • Flipkart will settle your payment within 7-15 business days from the date of sale of your product. 
  • Flipkart also protects sellers from fraud. It has set up an SPF (Seller Protection Fund). 
  • Flipkart provides a simple policy for returning the product in which consumers can return the product if they don’t like it (T&C). If the product is returned for any reason, Flipkart doesn’t take any shipping charge from the seller if the product is not accepted/ returned by the consumer, and Flipkart also bears the product cost if the product is damaged in transit. 
  • Another advantage for sellers is Flipkart funding associates that offer funds at fair rates. So, you can stock more products in your inventory. 
  • Flipkart also offers training on how to sell on Flipkart, and one can learn that online. 

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The e-commerce market in India is growing day by day, and Flipkart is providing an opportunity to become a seller. Flipkart has the highest credibility and maximum online reach. It is the most significant partner that can take your products to customers in every corner of India. 

There are various advantages of beginning a business with Flipkart, but some challenges are also there. You need to plan well & move ahead. You just need to become a clever seller.