Online shopping has become a big part of our lives now. From when it was a novelty until only a few years back, today, e-commerce has become necessary. It has opened new doors for Indian entrepreneurs to offer their services and products through electronic mediums. Especially in the pandemic years, consumers have taken to digital ordering like fish to water. One thing critical for all e-commerce merchants, e-tailers, insurance companies, finance companies, and other online players is that they require an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective payment gateway and ways to integrate the payment gateway API. The success of many such businesses relies on the fact that the checkout process offered to consumers should be quick, easy, and seamless.

What is a Payment Gateway API?

Application programming interface (API) is the technology that merges your online processes. A payment gateway API helps connect the checkout system to a payment acquiring network. The distance between placing an order and making the payment must be simple, fast, and transparent for a user. 

An integrated payment gateway API ensures the complete security of the user’s financial information. It should offer all payment options and a custom checkout experience. It needs to be fast to execute orders in real-time. It should have the best success rate. There are varied payment gateway options for a merchant to select from in India. The payment gateway integration for websites or apps needs to be effortless for users.

Now, let’s have a look at payment gateway integration for different platforms:

How to integrate a payment gateway API in Shopify

Payment gateway integration on Shopify is adept and smooth – consumers have the option of integrating several gateways on the platform. You can start accepting payments via cards, UPI, wallets, internet banking, BNPL, and EMI with a spectacular gateway.

Click on Payment Providers, add a provider, and fill out an online form to integrate. That’s it. You’re good to go.

How to integrate a payment gateway in WordPress

There are some necessities before you can start accepting online payments on WordPress. You will need an SSL, a secure website for your business on WordPress, and a decent web host. WordPress accepts a couple of Payment Gateways in India, freeing you of the worry of processing payments on your own.

How to integrate a payment gateway into a Wix Website

With Wix, you as the consumer are free to accept payments the way you like. Wix has a robust Point of Sale technology that manages inventory and business payments. Wix offers several payment provider integrations, and you can follow the instructions online to set up your payment gateway integration. With digital privacy and safety being the top priority, you will be ready to accept payments in an instant.

What are the checks to consider while selecting a payment gateway?

Mentioned below are the crucial checks a business owner must evaluate before selecting a payment gateway –

  1. While selecting the most appropriate payment solution, merchants should look at those payment gateways that provide facilities for collecting recurring payments. 
  2. A merchant should consider selecting a payment gateway that allows for international payments and accepts different currencies. A presence on the Internet opens up the whole world as a market to you.
  3. Data security is a prime factor while completing a transaction. In this modern world, cyber fraud has become ever so prevalent. A user is wary of sharing their financial details online. Only a trusted and reliable brand with a clean track record can give a user the confidence to share their financial details at the time of checkout. 

Hence, a merchant must select a payment gateway renowned for cutting-edge technology and has an extensive team devoted to security.

Summing up

So in parting, we can conclude that the right payment gateway is an essential partner to the success of a merchant’s online operations. An efficacious payment gateway API frees you from the hassles of developing the technology and delayed payments, enabling you to concentrate on other crucial aspects of your business.

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