Motorola India once sold its products through online marketplaces only. Then in 2020, Motorola decided to go direct-to-consumer (D2C) seeing that India’s consumer market may grow beyond $100 billion by 2025. To grow its digital commerce revenue and brand loyalty, Motorola launched its India website.

Vtex, a leading global commerce platform, and PayU, a leading global payment aggregator with local expertise, helped Motorola India build the online D2C storefront. PayU India powers the payment solutions on this website. With its many payment integration methods and a strong partner network, PayU can co-build technology solutions for any business size and industry.

VTEX is proud to collaborate with PayU India to support Motorola’s e-commerce ambitions in India. By leveraging PayU’s robust payment stack, Motorola’s customers can enjoy a seamless and secure checkout experience, enhancing the overall shopping experience on our platform.

Prakash Gurumoorthy, EMEA & APAC General Manager at Vtex

How PayU empowers Motorola on its D2C growth journey 

One of Motorola India’s biggest goals was delivering the best customer experience through its newly launched website. A big part of this is providing exciting offers and a seamless checkout experience at par with evolving customer expectations. Motorola wanted to leverage PayU’s decades of experience and expertise in enabling more than 5 lakh businesses with payment solutions that drive growth. 

Motorola uses PayU’s Affordability Suite to make purchasing easier for a wider customer base. Using PayU’s Affordability Widget, Motorola can make EMIs and many other payment options more discoverable. And Motorola manages its entire offer lifecycle – sourcing, running, reconciling offers – and settlements using PayU’s Offer Engine. 

Other PayU products and capabilities that Motorola relies on are: 

  • Wide range of payment modes: With 150+ options, PayU offers customers the flexibility to use their preferred payment modes – from UPI to credit card EMIs and BNPL. PayU provides the industry’s highest coverage and transaction success rates, helping enhance customer convenience and trust. 
  • Simple APIs and plugins: Easy integration options like developer-friendly APIs and plugins make it possible to integrate any payment solution with ease and speed. 
  • Robust security and fraud prevention mechanisms: PayU employs advanced fraud detection tools and prevention measures. It ensures a secure payment environment that keeps customer data safe and can even handle transactions at scale. 
  • Insightful analytics and reporting: Motorola uses PayU’s comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to track key payment performance metrics like transaction volumes and success rates, enabling it to make informed business decisions. 

Besides these, PayU provides Motorola with dedicated customer support, enabling it to streamline payment processes and effectively grow its business. 

Partnering with PayU India allows us to enhance our customers’ online shopping journeys by offering diverse payment options, top-notch security, and streamlined payment processes. We are confident this collaboration will contribute to the success of our new online store. 

Beyond payments: Empowering businesses across their lifecycles 

In 2021, Motorola India earned $2.5 million in revenue just through its online store in its first year of operation. This is a testament to the successful partnership between PayU, Vtex, and Motorola. PayU doesn’t just support its partners with payment solutions, it enables businesses at any stage in their lifecycle. To deliver on its promises, PayU will always keep improving itself on these three pillars: 

  • Deliver frictionless payment experiences that improve sales 
  • Make customer acquisition cost-effective 
  • Co-build with partners to enable growth for all kinds of businesses 

As Motorola grows its online presence in India, PayU will continue to support its ambitions at every step of the way.