It’s no secret that proper time management is necessary for running any business successfully. Every hour is crucial for your business. In such situations, businesses need to manage their cash flow easily and quickly. Does your payment partner support you when you need to settle online customer payments quickly? Read on to know what makes PayU priority settlements the right choice for your business.

A generic payment settlement cycle can be time taking but having a payment partner that can help you settle your customer payments quickly is a boon. Priority Settlements from PayU offers a comprehensive solution, transparency & flexibility for your business. It enables you to run your business 24×7 and keeps you from facing a cash crunch. Let’s understand what makes it better than normal settlements.

How is PayU Priority Settlement Different Than Normal Settlements?

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is very important in running any business. Often you can feel bogged down by delayed settlements on bank holidays and weekends. These features of priority settlements will help you maintain a healthy cash flow: 

Feature Normal Settlements Priority Settlements 
Flexibility to change settlement cycle No Yes 
Receive settlements under 15 mins No Yes 
Receive one-time instant settlements on selected transactions No Yes 
Premium customer support No Yes 
24×7 settlements No Yes 
Settlements on weekends No Yes 

Amazing right? Having a product that enables you to save time and ensures you don’t get into a cash crunch is always a good choice. Click here to know more benefits of using PayU Priority Settlements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does PayU Priority Settlement work 24 hours?

Yes, it works 24 hours and there’s no other similar solution available in the market.

Does PayU Priority Settlement work on weekends as well?

Yes, of course, it works on weekends as well.

Does PayU Priority Settlement work on bank holidays?

Yes, it works on all the days no matter if there’s a bank holiday or not.