At PayU, we have been launching a lot of new features for the last few months to make it easier for you to manage and grow your business. Know about 6 New PayU Payments Features You Can Use to Grow Your Business.

We are now happy to share this one! Now, you can update your business and operating address on the PayU dashboard yourself. There is no need to contact the PayU help centre and submit your documents again! All you need to do is log in on your PayU dashboard, go to profile and update it.

Here’s How You Can Update Your Business Address in 3 Simple Steps:

1.Log in on your PayU dashboard and click on “Profile” in the right-hand side corner.

2. Click on the business details section and scroll down to the “Business Address” tab. Click on “Update”.

3. Enter your new business or operating address and click “Submit.”

That’s it. Your business address is changed!


So, update your business or operating address on your PayU’s dashboard with these simple steps. In case you face any problems updating your bank account number, reach out to us here!

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