In this world of digitization, we understand the requirement of our merchants and came out with the feature of Digital Addendums, to make signing addendums less of a headache and simplify business operations.  

But What are Digital Addendums?

Addendum means an addition to the existing main document. Digital Addendum is an ad hoc item, usually compiled and executed online after the main agreement, which contains additional terms or information. With a digital addendum to an agreement/contract, we will amend your existing agreement so that it includes the terms and conditions or pricing for the new PayU feature to be enabled for you, which you can “accept” online.

Gone are the days when you needed to take out a print of the addendums (hard copy), sign it, scan it and send it to us via email. Now, all you need to do is just click on “I accept” (the addendum) and have the new PayU feature enabled for you. 

Addendums signed online are as valid and secure as traditional pen-and-paper documents. Also, it is widely used by various companies these days.

In case you need a PayU feature update, get in touch with us here or with your Key Account Manager (KAM). An addendum will be uploaded on your PayUmoney dashboard accordingly. Just “accept it” and get the PayU feature enabled! 

Key Benefits of Digital Addendums for PayU Merchants

  1. Save Time and Money – One of the biggest reasons for us to come up with this feature was to save time and money. You don’t have to print, sign, scan and then mail the documents.  You can quickly “accept” the addendum and have the PayU feature enabled for you. The whole process becomes streamlined.  
  2. Do it from Anywhere, Anytime – Apart from speeding up the process of getting signatures on addendums, it can be done from anywhere, anytime. You don’t have to worry if you are out of town on a business trip or in some other part of the world.  With these digital addendums, you can simply “accept” it and get the PayU feature, in minutes. 
  3. Get on New Projects Without Delay – It only takes a few minutes to sign a digital addendum. This means you can “accept” addendum and start with your projects without a delay.  For instance, if you want to go global and want our international payments feature enabled for you, you can get in touch with your KAM and accept the digital addendum on your PayUmoney dashboard and start accepting payments in 100+ currencies in no time!  


At PayU, we already had a system of digital agreements and contracts for our merchants wherein they have to “accept” the documents with a digital signature.  We hope digital addendums to be extremely valuable to the businesses of all PayU merchants, making the process quicker, efficient and more cost-effective.  

Also, the all-new PayU App is now live! Now, you can track your business performance, request payments and create a business website – all on the go!

PayU is India’s leading payment solution provider. And we are always excited to empower our users with all these consistent enhancements and product updates! Explore more on PayUmoney. Sign up and start collecting payments seamlessly just like our 4.5 lakh + online businesses do!