How to implement a great yet easy payment gateway flow is a question faced by almost all online businesses. When it comes to online payments, even small changes in the checkout flow can have a huge impact on the user experience. Our internal data shows that minor changes have resulted in substantial swings in conversion rates. With this PayUmoney payment gateway’s improved checkout, we have made the flow a lot simpler and easier. Let’s walk through the features here:

Separate Tab for Each Payment Mode

Switching options for paying is now super easy. Your customers can now view and select their preferred option i.e. wallet, cards, net banking option from a single screen.

payment gateway tabs

Reduced number of Hops

Want to give your customers the option to pay via Saved Card? Here’s how the most common checkout flow you’ll find:

  • Step 1: Customer lands on payment modes page
  • Step 2: Click on Login
  • Step 3: Enter Mobile / Email id
  • Step 4: Enter OTP to login
  • Step 5: Then again select ‘Card’
  • Step 6: Enter CVV
  • Step 7: Enter OTP on 3dS page

With the improved checkout, your customer can avoid going back and forth multiple pages to select their payment mode. If you pass mobile number & email ID, the profile section will be auto-filled (red box below) & Saved Card / Wallet associated with the email & mobile number will be available. If it is not passed, they’ll have the option to enter their mobile & email ID.

payment gateway saved card

Nitro Flow

Your customers will now have the option to make the payment in an easy and super fast manner using the nitro flow. To know more, head over to the nitro checkout blog.

Enhanced User Profile Management

Your customers will now get an option to change profile i.e. login via different mobile number & email id. This addresses the issue of customers wanting to use a different payment mode (Saved card or wallet associated with a different email, mobile combination) then what they thought of using in the first place. This saves them from the hassle of going through the entire process once again just to choose another mode.

We have also made several tech optimizations leading to Fewer API Calls & Reduced Page Load Times leading to the faster payment gateway process. Here’s the list of features supported in this release:

  • Cards, Net Banking
  • Saved Cards, Nitro Flow
  • Retries and Auto Switching
  • Custom Parameter Support (Read only)

Coming soon:

  • UPI
  • EMI
  • PayUMoney Wallet
  • External Wallets
  • LazyPay

Note: UPI, EMI, PayUMoney Wallet, Lazypay and External Wallets are already available on PayUMoney existing Checkout.

We are enabling this improved checkout for all our merchants in a phased manner & will try to roll this out for you as quickly as we can.

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