The festive season is a once-a-year opportunity to maximize sales and is crucial to most businesses out there, including yours.

We’re sure you’re busy getting your products and supply chain ready but are you ensuring your products are affordable to your customers?

Consumers today are used to purchasing on credit. There’s been a 220% rise in EMI transactions since the pandemic, a 65% rise in adoption of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), discounts, and cashback have been powering purchases for the last decade.

Indian markets are grossly underserved when it comes to access to formal credit, with only 62 Million Indians having access to credit cards. But the consumer of today has the desire to purchase and is looking for credit to increase their purchasing power. In fact, consumers are looking to get these services in real-time on their mobile without having to do cumbersome paperwork.

So, the question is – Is your business ready to offer the flexibility and affordability modern Indian consumers desire?

1.How does PayU Enable You to be Festive – Ready?
2.What is PayU’s Affordability Suite?
3.What Do We Do for You?
4.How Can You Get Started?

How does PayU Enable You to be Festive – Ready?

PayU’s Affordability Suite empowers customers to make the purchases they desire with payment modes such as Card Based EMIs, No Cost EMIs, Buy Now Pay Later, and Cardless EMIs.

These can be used for high-ticket purchases such as consumer electronics with EMIs or low-ticket high-frequency purchases such as food orders with BNPL.

You reduce the one-time purchase cost for a consumer, nudging higher order values and increasing sales for your business.

What is PayU’s Affordability Suite?

The PayU Affordability Suite offers:

  • PayU Offers Engine: Enables you to create customized offers at a brand, category and even product level across all payment modes. With real-time analytics, you can optimize your campaigns to power more purchases.
  • White-Labelled Customer Base: We give you access to 50 million white-labelled users to whom you can show the exact offers they are eligible for across all payment modes. The personalized experience increases the probability of final purchase.

What Do We Do for You?

  • Offer the best coverage of payment options in the industry

    We enable you to offer affordability options across all payment modes and banks- Credit Card EMIs, Debit Card EMIs, Cardless EMIs, Buy Now Pay Later. In fact, our direct integrations with banks lead to 5% higher success rates on transactions.
  • Enable you to offer the best customer experience

    A fully digital, mobile- first payment experience enables your customers to opt for EMIs and BNPL within minutes. We also standardize the flow for all EMI transactions by enabling you to capture the OTP on your website, this giving you full control on the customer experience.  
  • Offer affordability in retail/ omnichannel stores as well

    You can also enable EMI availability using Contactless QR Codes or your POS device at your retail outlets.

How Can You Get Started?

Just reach out to us at or your respective Account Managers, to enable the Affordability Suite for your business.  

Co-authored by Dhruv Mathur-Assistant Manager, Content, PayU India