Let’s call a spade a spade – we all love to quickly get paid for the products or services we offered! After all, it is our hard-earned money and helps us in maintaining a healthy cash flow for further growth in business.  

Here are 6 tips to improve your business’ cash flow.  

However, collecting payments smoothly and keeping a track of them manually could be a toilsome as well as crucial task, especially if you are a small or medium sized business. It is a hassle to keep track of all the bills and invoices, who has made the payment and who has not and sending multiple reminders to your customers for payments.  

Our first suggestion to you on this would be: Save paper, and move everything online!  Secondly, find a payment solution that helps you grow, apart from streamlining your payment process! 

You may come across many payment solution companies who would ask you to build your company’s website and integrate their payment gateway to start collecting and managing payments.  

At PayU, being the best payment solution providers, we understand it takes time to build a website and make it functional! And honestly, you don’t have to build a website just for the sake of collecting online payments. You can easily collect online payments form your customers with PayU Payment links, in just these 3 simple steps:   

Create PayU payment link

Share link with customers via WhatsApp, Facebook, Email or SMS 

Get paid directly into your bank account 

So, how do you create PayU Payment Links?

There are 2 ways of creating payment links on PayUmoney dashboard:  

  1. SMS/Email Invoice 
  2. Request Payment 

Generate Payment Links for SMS/Email Invoice

1.Sign up on PayUmoney. If already a merchant, login to your PayUmoney dashboard.  


2. Click on “Other Tools” at the top bar. 


3. Now, click on “Email Invoice” or “SMS Invoice” to generate the PayU payment link.  


4. Let’s say you click on SMS invoice.  You will land on to a page like this:  

5. Fill in all the necessary details such as the name of your customer, his/her mobile number, Amount that has to be paid etc. you can also describe the product or service you offered. Then, click on “Send SMS Invoice”.  


6. While your customer will receive an SMS Invoice of a payment request from you through a payment link, you can share the same payment link via mail, WhatsApp or Facebook. There are no additional charges for creating payment links.  


You’ll be notified once a customer pays you!  

Request Payments by Generating Payment Links

1.Sign up on PayUmoney. If already a merchant, login to your PayUmoney dashboard. (same as mentioned above) 

2. Click on “Request Payment” 


3. Enter the “Amount” and “Payment description” & click on “Create”. 


4. Your PayU payment link is created! Copy it and send it to your customer via SMS, Email or WhatsApp and start collecting online payments within seconds.  


Wasn’t this simple?  So, say good-bye to paper invoices and hello to Online Payments now! 

Few Benefits of PayU Payment Links. 

1.Instant Online Activation – KYC happens online in 2 simple steps.  

2. All payment options available – Customers can pay via their preferred payment mode – cards, wallets, UPI and others. Your customers will see a screen like below on clicking on the PayU payment link: 


3. No monthly collection limit – Collect as much payments as you want.  

4. Customers don’t need any app – Customers simply click on the payment link to pay you.  

5. Track payments easily – Track your payments and know their status from a single platform. You can also “download report” in excel format and use it. The report will give the payment break up including GST and other taxes/fees charged!  


6. World class security – PayU is PCI-DSS compliant & all transactions through us are 128 bit SSL encrypted.   

Read here to know in detail how secure are your payments with PayU? 


PayU payment links have enabled many businesses to collect payments online, without having a website or a card machine! In fact, it is the simplest and easiest way of collecting online payments from your customers. So, create a PayU account now and start managing your transactions hassle-free.