How to Start Free Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is world’s largest professional network with 450 million members globally. The demographic of LinkedIn consists of decision makers which makes it even more powerful than Facebook and Twitter.

Therefore, it is important for you to build a comprehensive marketing strategy on LinkedIn. There are number of ways to market your online business on social media, but here are few simple tips which you can use to start marketing on LinkedIn:


Create Your Business Page

Your LinkedIn business page is like an extension of your website. Use it to communicate with your target user base. Update your company story and make sure you complete all relevant information in the about-us section of your LinkedIn business page. List all your products /services so that the user is clear about the segment in which you operate.  

Groom Your LinkedIn Page

Create a thought leadership channel instead of directly promoting your products or services. Fill in your LinkedIn page with compelling articles, infographics or case-studies and encourage users to like and comment. Posting relevant content is one of the most effective way to groom your LinkedIn page and increase visibility of your brand.

Participate in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are the most crucial channel which you should be focusing the most. Think of these groups as an independent social networks where you can publish your content and market your products or services. These groups helps your company to establish itself as a thought leader. Define the role of a moderator who is responsible to approve discussion, ask relevant questions and publish content.

The LinkedIn Road

  • Set Goals: Your LinkedIn marketing should serve your business goals. Make your process measurable and achievable.
  • Start Marketing: Define your marketing strategy. It can be generating leads, driving sales or creating brand identity.
  • Research Competitions: Always remember to research your competition as it will help you tack their strategy and goals.
  • Post Content: Create an engaging content strategy that directly boosts your LinkedIn page.

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