A new business starts with a simple idea and a passion for doing something for yourself. However, the journey isn’t simple. If you are a new business owner, this article will take you through seven easy and practical tips, from the business idea to finding the right team, to help you become successful.

A successful business is an alchemy of ideas and execution. However, as a new business owner, you might want more clarity of thought. The start of a business and its initial days involve several small yet crucial steps that you can adopt to emerge out of the early challenges and build a long-term road map.
Here are seven simple small business tips to follow while starting a new business.

  1. Keep the business concept simple
  2. The idea behind becoming an entrepreneur must have been the first thing that got you into the business.
  3. Businesses that conceive the best entrepreneur ideas and keep them simple are often successful. It is worth remembering that simple business ideas must remain understandable for the lower management, the salesperson, the marketing agency, and the customer.
  4. Focus on both – the market and the product
  5. As first entrepreneurs, while you have looked for simple, effective, and the best business ideas – is the market ready for it? Does your product offer something unique or solve a problem? What about funds, operational costs, competition, and so on?
  6. Adequate market research can give you an insight into the product’s viability, and your well-chosen advisors can add significant value to it.

Pick the Right People

It is naïve to think that you can start your business alone. Choose your core competency and concentrate on getting the process around it right. For instance, if you are a finance person, bring in operations, logistics, and marketing experts to assist you. Also important is having a good team around you. Your mentors will be your eyes and ears, but your wider team will ensure that your cavalry is ready to sell the product when you kickstart production.

Develop a Financial Model

An efficient financial model will also project future incomes accurately and budget with fewer deviations. These days, most businesses seek assisted payment platforms as a part of their financial model.

A new business can reach out to a local and a global market base with PayU. It will help you reach out to the Tier-II and Tier-III customer base with the incorporation of Hindi and other Indian regional languages on the PayU platform.

Keep Emergency Funds Aside

If there is one thing that the pandemic taught small businesses, it was the importance of a contingency fund. Small and new businesses mostly run on shoestring budgets. However, every entrepreneur needs to know that an emergency fund should be created along the way.


The best business framework can bootstrap its way to stability. But for the quantum leap, investments are the key. Successful entrepreneurs find time to connect with the right people, and so should a first-time entrepreneur. Strong networking skills can result in lucrative deals, collaborations, and, most importantly, investors.

Staying True to the Commitment

Businesses and products are often accused of not being what they used to be. Stay true to the entrepreneur’s business ideas that made it well-accepted in the first place. Once your business idea clicks, the focus should be on maintaining consistency in service or product delivery.

Simple ways to start new business - Networking


Steps like those mentioned above need to be the guiding beacon for businesses as they start. With these things taken care of, new business entrepreneurship can always be well-placed to take on the challenges as they come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Digitized Payment Platform Important for a New Business?

Platforms like PayU provide a systematic payment approach where a new business can accept different payment methods through one platform. Apart from speed and convenience, digitized payment platforms provide a personalized payment experience to the customers.

How Can a Business Integrate a Digitized Payment Solution?

A new business can integrate a payment gateway with a mobile app and website and receive payments across all platforms. Startups, enterprises, omnichannel businesses, and even freelancers can set up a payment solution.