Content Marketing Tips for Your Business

Content continues to be a major driving engine to scale reach, visibility and brand awareness. Content marketing is more valuable than ever and hence it becomes quite critical for SMEs to deliver content in the best possible way. It will help small businesses to engage users and drive sales.

The good news is that regardless of your available resources, you can formulate strategies to target customer base more effectively. It can be scaled as per your need and available budget.


There are many ways to drive content in various forms and through various channels. Follow below mentioned content marketing tips and turn your content into a successful marketing piece.

The H-theory of Content

Create and distribute valuable, consistent and relevant content to engage target audience. The Pyramid theory of content provides a solid base for this strategy:

Hero: This content is the advanced version of viral marketing. It could be a super-bowl moment of the year such as product launch. It can be a blog, infographic or video that attracts enormous visitors. For example, the launch of POS machine is a hero content for PayU.

Hygiene: It is a content which caters to specific interest of your customers. It ensures that the user is targeted such that your hero content remains in view. For example, key features and benefits of integrating POS machine is a hygiene content.

Hub: Content on regular basis about brand or product is your hub content.

The Content Road

  • Create Business Goals
  • Know your audience
  • Research Competition
  • Plan distribution
  • Create measurable ROI

Be Social

Create an engaging content that boosts your social channels. Content and social media are synonymous to each other. And if implemented effectively, it can do wonders for your social media marketing. Distribute your content on relevant channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn according to your customer base.

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