Instagram, with over 800 million active users, is not only a photo sharing app but also a place where brands are venturing to keep their customers engaged. If “how to promote business on Instagram and why” is giving you sleepless nights here are the actual facts:

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  • Instagram keeps customers 10 times highly engaged with their brands compared to Facebook.
  • 70% Instagram users are probable buyers as they have already purchased products online.

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Driving sales on Instagram can be a task at times if not done right as almost 70% of the posts shared on Instagram go unnoticed! Hence, based on the above facts, in this blog you will see drilled information about;

How To Promote Business On Instagram Easily In Just 5 Steps!

#1. Create Instagram Business Account

The first step to drive sales is to create an Instagram business account separate from a personal account. If you already have a separate account for business, you can switch it to an Instagram business profile easily:

  • Go to ‘Account Settings’
  • Click on ‘Switch to Business Profile’

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In addition to the above, you can also make your Instagram business profile more attractive and sales savvy by:

  • Directing your profile visitors and followers to useful business links such as online store, website, etc. Place these links in the bio as that is the only place where you can insert links. Instagram is less commercial and more inspirational!
  • Fill your description or bio (below your handle name) with great information: what you do? who you are? why you do what you do? etc..

how to promote business on instagram business bio

Pro-tip: Shorten the links and make them trackable, so that you are on top of your business with valuable visitor insights. This will help you grow sales!

#2. Twist The Content You Share 

Content on Instagram has a very diverse, creative and vibrant approach! More often than not, businesses do get confused with what needs to be posted on Instagram? So, here are the top posts which get maximum likes:

  • Posts with faces (they get 38% more likes comparatively!) & food
  • Event-related posts
  • Product posts
  • Team pictures
  • Behind the scenes images
  • Short Videos
  • Memes
  • Other User Generated Content (UGC)

This social media platform is the place where you can be as creative as you can. Bring in ample of faces, colors, and moods to make the best use of Instagram.

how to promote business on instagram UGC

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Shining some more light on UGC: It is a very strong content generation when it comes to media channels like Instagram where youth and businesses are the main targets. You can use UGC strategy to get more views, likes, and reposts on Instagram. For example, if you are a fashion designer and sell clothes on Instagram, you can put up posts of your clients or buyers wearing your creations. This will prove to be your testimonials as well. You can ask your clients or buyers to tag you in their posts as well. Use apps that enable you to re-post or re-gram UGC content which triggers word of mouth in the future.  

how to promote business on instagram food content

Image Courtesy: Instagram

#3. Run Successful Instagram Contests  

Running out of ideas on how to promote business on Instagram without seeming obvious? We have a solution! The contest is one easy way to promote business and drive sales subtly. Also, this way your brand gets recognition, engagement, and increased number of followers. 

Some of the most used contest ideas are: 

  • Comment To Win (participants have to like your photo and tag 2 friends) 
  • Like And Tag To Win (participants have to like your photo) 
  • Type Your Email ID To Win (participants have to comment their email ID) 
  • Tag Us To Win (participants have to post photos with your product + with a specific hashtag and post it on their wall) 

how to promote business on Instagram contests

Image Courtesy: A brand on Instgram

Note: Run a contest only when you have a good number of followers. This is so, the number of people who are engaged to your post increases through the contest.  

Apart from these 3 sales strategies on ‘how to promote business on Instagram’, mentioned above you can also drive sales to your Instagram by:  

#4. Advertising On Instagram To Promote Business  

Instagram is a great place to advertise, especially if you have started a new business. This is because photos can drive sales without the need to say much about them. These ads come on the users’ news feed and it will not seem obvious to them, as they look very similar to regular posts, except with tiny sponsored tag on them. If you are posting on Instagram feed, you can advertise with photo, video, and carousel (which can be used to showcase more than one product in a go). 

how to promote business on instagram adverts

Instagram Stories is a great way to post your content because your readers will find the post at the top of their feed always for 24 hours. When it comes to ads, you can post ads with photo or video, which also carries a tiny sponsored tag on it.

#5. Drive Sales With Instagram Influencer Marketing  

So do you know what influencer marketing means? Influencer marketing is a type of marketing which uses people with influence to convey your brand’s message to a large number of people. You can hire an influencer instead of directly marketing to a large group of people.

If you are looking for reasons to use an influencer, the most important reason will be to reach people who are having doubts or questions about using your product. To know in depth about Influencer Marketing check out Quick Insights into Effective Influencer Marketing. 

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Instagram is slowly becoming one of the most used social media platforms, especially among people who shop online. Also, now that you know how to promote business on Instagram, you will be able to increase real engagement between your brand and customers. When these Instagram sales strategies are put into practice, you will learn how to promote your business and drive sales effortlessly.  

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