More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day! Today every business wants to create a benchmark and be different than it’s counterparts. We do witness the curve of change rising higher when it comes to flourishing marketing trends and techniques where video content marketing takes the driver’s seat rather! Before we venture out to explore this rising trend – video content marketing, breathe and give a thought to this: If a photo is worth a thousand words, how much more valuable is a video? 

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Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook, videos rank on the top when it comes to best engagements. Be it establishing a brand, building customer rapport or promoting services or products video content marketing is used for almost everything. After all, there is a reason behind why 87% of online marketers use video content marketing! Recently, the “LIVE” feature, which initially started off with Facebook, and then on Instagram and Twitter is an instant trick to gain traction to your business. Let’s explore some more highly successful and conversion friendly video content marketing trends here.

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What Is Video Content Marketing?

Despite the term being self-explanatory, it suggests, one of the most attractive and effective way to share your content: in a video format, where the basic content is supported with visuals and audio. The way it had evolved in the past decade is surprising and that’s the reason behind the buzz about how video marketing can accelerate your brand’s presence 10x! 

A recent report released by one of the leading marketing websites mentioned:  

  • 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool
  • Also, video content is more memorable when compared to text and images

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Benefits Of Video Content Marketing 

Certain interesting findings about video content and its benefits in our lives point to the certain astonishing facts such as:

  • More than half of the people agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose a video.
  • It is a human tendency to capture things well when it gets an audio and visual of any thing.
  • 1/3 of people’s online activity is spent watching videos.

Thus, creating useful and impactful videos makes a lot of sense if you are aiming to grow your business. While you design your videos with the help of certain creation tools mentioned later in the blog,  here are a few things we want you to keep a check on: 

  1. Have your content in place to avoid last minute rush and stress
  2. List down all the topics you want to cover in your video. Here having a storyboard will help you immensely
  3. Select the most viewed and popular platforms you want to host it on 
  4. Measure the video performance which includes: views, shares, comments, video view duration, etc.

Some Of The Most Effective Video Content Types Include:   





Vlogs are blogs, posted in a video format  Your favorite travel blogger sharing short videos of a recently visited place on their social media accounts 



An informative, seminar setup hosted over internet with audio and video    A digital marketing tutorial session hosted over internet

Howto’s/ Educational 


Videos that gives information about a particular feature of your product/ service  A video that explains how can you create an account with PayUmoney


Tutorials are detailed videos that explains the usage/ purpose of a particular thing  A step by step guide that shows how can you link your Aadhaar with your bank account online  


Videos that consists of customer’s experience with the products  An individual or speaking about their satisfaction with a product/ service 


Videos that are animated and created using special software and features  The sci-fi movies like Smurf, Minion etc.


Live videos are recent feature on social media which covers the real time happenings  A celebrity going live on their social media handles during an event they are attending 

Brand films 

Brand films are a part of an advertising campaign, showcasing company’s vision, mission and services  A short film by a brand that usually has an amazing storyline, leaving an impact on viewers 



Videos of interactions with experts or thought leaders and sharing it across  A telecom brand having an interview with its founder  


A video that covers an event like a conference, discussions, product launch etc.  A fashion brand publishing a video on YouTube that covers an event they hosted 

Behind the scenes 

Behind the scenes video covers the glimpses of the moments between an entire shoot/ conference   Covering the minutes in between a shoot and sharing it across 


Quick helpful videos for all your customers where one person answers all the general queries  A video where a company like WordPress creates a video to answer the quick queries of their customers  

Product Review 

A video created by loyal consumers or influencers giving a review of the product in a detailed way  A video where an individual who is interested in gadgets creates videos on the features of newly launched android 


Demo videos gives your customers a tour as to how does your product/ service works  Home appliances company, showcasing  how their dish washer functions, along with its benefits 

After getting a gist about what video content marketing is, the next question is, where and how can you create those videos and where can you host them? We have listed below some of the best tools to create videos! 

Top Platforms To Create Video Content 

Some easy, quick and amazing video platforms that allows you to create videos are: 

  • Animoto: It is a cloud-based video creation platform which enables you to upload photos, videos, clips and audios within minutes!
  • PowToon: It simply makes animation a layman’s job! It is an animated video creation tool to promote your business aggressively on social media channels directly.
  • iMovies: One of the add-on that Macintosh users gets is iMovies! Create videos just like a pro with iMovies. You can support your videos with animations, music and voiceovers.
  • Moovly: For all those who want drag, drop and animate feature while creating a video, this one is for you! Use hundreds of interesting templates and create clusters of video, in short duration. 

Best Practices For Video Content Marketing 

  • Let people connect and understand 
  • Keep it short and crisp 
  • Remember humor is the best medicine 
  • Maintain consistency 
  • Optimize your video 
  • Take them to the right place by giving an effective Call To Action (CTA) 

Now that you know the right ways and platforms to create your videos, all you need to do is read our recent blog on a step to step guide to perfect content distribution strategy. Grow your business with the right marketing strategies and stay tuned with PayUmoney blog.

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