Today social media is available in all forms and size. Facebook emphasizes on building relationships, Instagram on sharing creativity, Twitter focuses on spreading news and YouTube on videos. But, when it comes to Pinterest it is all about inspiring people with great ideas in the form of images, gifs, and videos. The web and mobile app is a visual platform which enables businesses to set up their virtual storefront highly aimed to promote their company works. Pinterest for business is a place where one can find interesting DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas, scientific facts, motivational quotes, marketing tips and much more.

pinterest for business

Understanding Pinterest For Business

Pinterest came to life in March 2010 and was founded by Evan Sharp, Paul Sciarra and Ben Silbermann. As all unique startups go through their rough patches Pinterest was no indifferent! Initially, the founders and a few programmers conducted operations out of a small apartment until 2011. A few leading publishing houses at that time turned down the offer to even meet the founders to discuss business. Soon the years progressed and so did the visual discovery platform – Pinterest.

pinterest for businessPinterest Co-founders (L-R): Evan Sharp, Paul Sciarra & Ben Silbermann

Nine months after the launch Pinterest had 10,000 users and Silbermann got in touch with these pinners personally to exchange good wishes. The app was also listed in the “50 Best Websites of 2011” in Times magazine. As days, months and years passed by, Pinterest community fondly known as “Pinners” increased in size and this eventually inspired the marketers to make space for the platform in their marketing strategies. Here are some stunning Pinterest statistics to pay attention to:

  • The platform hosts nearly 175 billion pins today
  • 60% pinners refer Pinterest for purchase ideas
  • 72% pinners say Pinterest inspires them to shop when they are actually not looking for anything
  • 55% pinners sat they use Pinterest to shop for and find products

Key terms used in Pinterest:

  • Pins: Images uploaded on Pinterest
  • Boards: Folders created to categorize pins
  • Pinner: Pinterest user
  • Repin: Sharing someone else’s pins by saving them in your boards
  • Followers: Pinners who follow you on Pinterest for inspiration
  • Following: Pinners you follow on Pinterest for inspiration
  • Feeds: Pins you see on your dashboard once you log in

pinterestPinterest’s Official Profile

How Does Pinterest For Business Work?

  1. Signup or upgrade to Pinterest for business
  2. Fill all required business details – profile picture, bio, website URL, etc.
  3. Choose your interests (art, dance, writing, science, quotes, music, styling and more)
  4. Create boards and add relevant pins with descriptions and links to redirect

Benefits Of Pinterest For Business

If “why should I including Pinterest for business in my marketing strategy?” is the question hovering in your mind then, we have listed down the key benefits of Pinterest for you below:

  1. It’s free: You can create and manage your own Pinterest for business account easily and for free. Just follow the “how it works” steps above and you are good to go.
  2. Visual communication: In the era of too-many-things-to-do-and-so-little-time, a picture is worth 1000 words! Pinterest communicates to its audiences in a direct, immediate and creative manner.
  3. Highly inspiring: 60% pinners refer to Pinterest for purchase ideas. Pinterest is an inspiring haven for DIY artists, crafts and art lovers, writers, designers, stylists, shoppers, and many more professionals.
  4. Very Decisive: Pinterest helps 90% of people to decide what to buy. Which means, before making any purchase Pinterest is highly regarded as an influencer to make purchase decisions.
  5. Site Redirection: For any business redirecting people to their website directly, this is a super benefit. Pinterest does this right! Thus, boosting your site traffic and brand awareness.
  6. Common Interests: All social media platforms have mixed audiences by default as it is available globally. Pinterest specifically brings these assorted audiences with common interests at one place to find ideas.
  7. Run Ads: This is optional. You can as money to “promote” a pin which you can analyze as the best performer on your Pinterest business account. Pinterest has recorded that, it delivers $2 in profit to every $1 spent on ads. Note: Ad feature is currently available in select countries (limited audience targeting) and hence currencies for ad spends are listed and accepted accordingly (high ad spends in foreign currencies).
  8. Follow People: Follow and interact with relevant pinners to gain visibility, follow backs and more repins. This helps to promote your business organically and form a strong base on the platform.

Though Pinterest is a very easy to use and manage app, as a business owner or marketer it is essential that you expose yourself to a few marketing tactics that work really well on Pinterest for business. These tactics that can bring in virality for all the content you pin on Pinterest are listed below:

1. Make Your Pinterest Business Profile Attractive

What contributes to an attractive Pinterest business profile? Apart from the images and description, you need to make sure that the theme of your profile speaks what you sell. Your Pinterest business profile needs to be diverse where all kinds of people definitely find something of their choice!

Eg: Your business centers around selling Indian traditional wear so, you can choose a particular color (pink, green, purple, etc) or a particular pattern (dresses, sarees, lehengas, etc) as your theme. You can use a festive theme as well as inspiration to post (Diwali, New year, Christmas,etc.).

2. Post Creative Images

As Pinterest a visual platform, you cannot afford to go wrong with the main essence of the app. It is important to keep a profile picture which is relatable or recognizable. Eg: If you are a company then you can put your company logo as your profile picture, as people’s recognition levels are high. But, if you are an individual blogger, artist, etc, you can put up your own image as your profile picture are people are likely to relate better to it.

When it comes to regular Pinterest pins, make sure your images or videos are high in resolution, clicked well and are genuine images. You can repin someone else’s pin, take pictures from other sources, click your own, edit a picture and pin it on your Pinterest for business account. However, it is always a good idea to give due image credits if outsourced.

payumoney pinterest for businessPayUmoney’s Pinterest Business Profile

3. Add Convincing Bio/Description

Yes, a picture speaks volumes! Here’s a hypothetical scenario: You are an interior designer and mainly pin about the destinations you travel (maybe because your job demands travel, it’s your hobby or you natural interiors inspire you, etc). People might mistake you to be an avid traveler or a photographer instead of an interior designer. Putting a relevant description is to set people’s or rather followers expectation right about you and your profession. Never skip your bio.

4. Redirect To Website

The fourth essential aspect of Pinterest marketing is adding appropriate links to your business profile. This is because when people crawl through your profile, they need to know you better which is when they’d want to see your website as well. Apart from this having a website projects a very professional image of your work.

5. Add Rich Pins, Widgets & Plugs

  • Rich pins: These pins are more informative than the regular pins. They provide more context to your pin or idea by showing extra information above and below the pin once clicked on or opened. Rich pins are a free feature for anyone using Pinterest and definitely, it’s a must use!

rich pins pinterestPayUmoney’s Rich Pin On Pinterest

  • Widgets: You can add a Pinterest widget to your website or blog directly so that when people are skimming through your content at these destinations, they can check your Pinterest business profile out for more work testimonials.
  • Plugs: Once you install or make Pinterest plugs available to your Pinterest business profile, you are allowing your audiences to shop for products they are looking for or are highly inspired by available immediately. This satisfies their desire to buy and yours to increase sales.

pinterest for business shop nowImage Credits: Pinterest

6. Pinterest For Distribution

If you are a blogger like me, you can make the best use of Pinterest to promote your articles or blogs. Put up infographics, gifs or videos of your articles and link them you to your blog. This will help you increase your organic traffic and readership.

pinterest marketing for businessPayUmoney’s Content Distribution On Pinterest

7. Best Time To Pin

As Pinterest for business is a global platform, there are no standard pinning or search timings on the platform. However, these days and timings change as per the location of both the pinner and the business. However, in India:

  • Best time to pin: 2pm-4pm
  • Best day to pin: Saturday

Pinterest For Business Analytics

Efforts seem best when they score well! You should know how your Pinterest business marketing strategies and campaigns are performing. Some key analytics to check are:

  1. Impressions: Refers to the number of times your pin is viewed
  2. Clicks: The number of clicks your pin gets
  3. Demographics: It is the type of people you reach on the basis of location, gender, etc.
  4. Interests: DIY crafts or travel? Makeup tips or scientific facts? Measure what are your audiences interested in

Are You Using Pinterest For Your Business Yet?

As successful takes time to knock doors, build a strong brand presence on Pinterest for business takes time too. However, the highlight of the platform is: it is creatives, visual and highly engaged at all times. So, say goodbye to all your doubts about Pinterest for business and start pinning all your content for marketing and generating high soaring sales for your business now!

With all your marketing efforts for your business in place, it’s a good idea to have an all-in-one payment solution in place as well. Now to enjoy the best payment gateway experience and grow your business effortlessly!

pinterest for business