Today in the age of digital marketing, brands create value prepositions, target new customers and engage them when it matters the most. Most of the online brands wants to engage their prospect audience in real time without compromising in their brand’s communication. Thus Programmatic buying comes into picture where it helps you to connect with the most relevant audience for your online business.

Programmatic buying is a next gen marketing platform which automates the bidding process on advertising inventory in real time. It delivers the opportunity to show your ad to a well-defined customer in a specific context.

Through Programmatic buying, you can define the goals, budgets and attribution of you ad-campaigns. Simultaneously the platform adjusts a number of variables by itself in real time based on performance to achieve the desired ROI. It gives you a freedom to invest more time on creatives.

How programmatic buying works?

Step 1: Click on Web-Page

When you click on a web-page that is configured for Programmatic buying, the publisher of the page puts up an ad-impression for auction.

Step 2: Bidding to Display

The advertiser willing to bid the most impression wins the right to display their ad. The ad is then displayed to the customers when the web-page gets loaded.

Step 3: Auction of Ad-place

The ad market place holds an auction among the advertiser for the impression. This auction is completed within the time the page takes to get loaded.

Step 4: Delivery of the Ad

The ad gets delivered to the prospect audience as soon the auction process gets completed.

Step 5: Conversion

The customer clicks on the ads and the advertiser converts it into to get a lead or drive sale.

The Advantages of Programmatic Buying

Cost Effective:  It helps in purchasing each impression as per the defined targeting. Thus saves spent on irrelevant impressions, making Programmatic buying a cost effective channel.

In-depth Insights: Automated process adopted in Programmatic buying improves the efficiency and performance of your ad-campaign. It means that you can collect more specific data and draw insights effectively in order to improve the performance of your ad-campaign.

Right Targeting: With Programmatic buying, you can filter your target audience as per their demography, geography and interests. It makes it easier for you as an advertiser to target right audience at right time.

Tracking Accuracy: You can track where your ad is shown and what engagements it receives through programmatic buying. You can use this data to effectively distribute your budget.

Quick Launch across Devices: The automated process of programmatic buying connects your ad-campaign with prospect audience in real time across devices.

As the innovation happens in the field of digital marketing, Programmatic buying will become more specified. Many advertisers have formed sophisticated eco-systems around Programmatic buying and it is continuing to grow as a dominant section in the field of display marketing.