Seven Ways to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

There are multiple reasons why your customer abandons shopping cart. Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most crucial problem for SMEs to overcome. So, how it can be reduced? Obviously it cannot be controlled entirely but it can be optimized significantly. It is important to understand the intent of users visiting your website and to achieve that your check-out process should be simple, easy and relevant.

Here are few simple tips which can help you optimize it:

Shopping Cart

Avoid Asking Details

The last thing a customer want is to jump through multiple pages and feed personal information before completing purchase. Therefore, it is advised to ask your customers the bare minimum information during the actual check-out process.

Be Upfront About Price

Your customers generally abandon their shopping cart due to hidden prices. Therefore, make sure you clearly present shipping or handling fees to your customers. 

Offer Product Comparisons

Allow product and price comparison of various products and brands. This gives your customers nearly everything they need to make an informed decision to complete their check out process.

Offer Exclusive Deals

Provide your customers a reason to make an online purchase. It can be done by offering exclusive deals and offers. Don’t forget to highlight those deals at a specific section so that it becomes convenient for your customers to find them.

Easy & Multiple Payment Options

Providing your customers secure and easy payment options makes a good check-out process. You can give your customers the convenience to pay through multiple payment options by simply integrating Payu Payment Solutions.

Strong call to Action

Device strong call-to-action on your check-out page as it strengthens the prospect of customers completing their purchase. Also remember to keep the communication of your CTAs consistent.

Use Re-marketing 

Always engage your customers if they have abandoned your shopping cart. Email to remind your customers about their shopping cart and invite them to make the purchase.

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