If you want to set a Facebook page of your company or you want to make the most of your existing one, then you are a making a smart move.

Home to 1.4 billion monthly active users, Facebook opens a plethora of opportunities to increase reach and visibility. With large customer base, easy-to-navigate interface and reasonable cost, Facebook can help your business grow with full potential. Facebook ensures that your money is spent wisely while targeting relevant age group, location and interest as per your requirement.

Here are few tips which you can integrate to optimize your Facebook page and grow its potential to get notices and likes.


Put Clear Cover Image

Cover image is the first line of communication between you and your users. Your cover image should figure out who you are and what you do. Make sure you are choosing an engaging cover image that justifies your products and services.

Optimize Profile Photo

Pick a profile photo which can be easily recognized by your potential fans. It is the profile photo which users will see the most after your cover image. It can be your company logo or a head-shot of your premium product. Always keep in mind that Facebook requires a dimension of 180 to 180 pixels even it is 160 to 160 pixels in the desktop version.

Be Engaging

Create engaging content that boosts your Facebook business page. Engage your fans by running contests, brain teasers and puzzles.

Great Content

Content is the most valuable driving force which can increase reach and engagement rates. Publish content which is creative and valuable. Even if your main goal is to generate leads, you shouldn’t promote your product in every news-feed post. Instead create a knowledge pool through blogs, info-graphics and images.

Be Consistent

Determine ideal timing and frequency for publishing your content. It is an important consideration as it affect how successful your Facebook business page will perform in the long run. Post content regularly as it keeps your readers interest alive.

Diversified Content

Maximize your Facebook juice right from the start. While posting photos and videos are proven to be engaging, too much of it can be bad for your business page. Therefore try publishing diversified content such as articles, posts, offers, info-graphics etc.

Image Posts

Use high definition and engaging images to boost engagement. Image posts are proven to be the most engaging posts when compared to simple text posts.

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Use Hashtags

Hashtags play an important role in driving traffic to your page. It is quite critical for your post’s overall reach. Hashtags helps your post to engage with the latest trends and news feed.

Complete About-us Section

An incomplete about us page results in missed traffic. Don’t forget to update your about us page with proper business goals and services. Also use important links for readers seeking more information.


Using Call-to-action button is a great way to drive traffic. Try options such as- Sign up now, Call now, Register Now, Use App, Send Inquiry etc. and customize it with a destination URL.

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