Thank You PayUmoney Blog Readers!! Along with the best payment gateway services, we love bringing highly informative and inspiring write-ups to you in the form of blogs. Its been over 3 years since we have helped you sharpen your business and broaden your professional perspectives. Unlike the previous ones, this year seems to be something different and just more amazing. 

In 2017, we witnessed some enthusiastic support coming from your end. We have curated a chart of top 5 most read and useful topics by you and for you:  

  1. GST For Online Businesses – As GST became the talk of the town so did our blog! Hundreds of daily shares, thousands of comments and one of the most read PayUmoney payment gateway blogs definitely ought to top the charts. So, if you own an online business and still haven’t read this blog, then you are missing out on a huge chunk of goodness!  
  2. Impact Of GST On Online Businesses – Yes, GST was introduced but do you know how it actually impacted the online businesses? Just like the one above, this blog too created a lot of buzz amongst the online business owners. This short read emphasizes the impact of GST – the only direct tax any individual in the Indian territory has to pay in order to keep the business running.   
  3. How Payment Gateway Integration With Website Works? – Today every online business requires a strong integration with a trusted payment gateway. Here’s the 6 step flow that you need to know before integrating with any payment gateway in India or elsewhere. 
  4. SEO Tips: How To Skyrocket Your Traffic by 500%? – With each passing year SEO rules, regulations and guidelines go through a makeover or some new ones are introduced. But like the say goes “Only change is constant”, we think the basics of SEO too remains constant. Know how you can fuel your business to the fullest and skyrocket it higher than ever! 
  5. How To Drive Online Sales Through Facebook?  – Facebook, as we all know is the most popular social media channel not only for the users but also for advertisers. Have you ever wondered, why you see a few posts with “Sponsored” written? Well, these 5 points will help you know why and how a “sponsored” post is useful for your business. 

Once again thanks a ton for inspiring us to in return inspire you! Continue to be a part of our journey and unfold many more useful reads. Grow your business effortlessly with PayUmoney payment gateway.