Every entrepreneur’s growth journey begins as they overcome their self-doubts and take a step forward. While every entrepreneur is moving forward, we make sure to support them every step of the way. But how? This campaign is the answer to this question! 

We came up with relatable stories of three business owners, Anu, Kamal, and Saad, ready to take the next step in their business. Each has their doubts and is unsure if #TimeIsNow to grow. This campaign shows how PayU powers their businesses to collect and track multiple payments worldwide, automate vendor payouts, and process recurring payments seamlessly. 

Tap on the video below to find out how! 

Here are the stories of Anu, Kamal & Saad! 

Anu is an entrepreneur who owns Upsyche, an upcycled clothing line. She was getting orders from multiple sources but something was stopping her. She just automated the way she collects and tracks payments from multiple sources with PayU. What happened next is for you to see! 

Kamal owns a healthcare company, Medlo which is an aggregator of medical consultation & medicine delivery. He wanted to take go PAN India but something was stopping him. He onboarded new vendors across India with PayU. What happened next will amaze you!  

Saad is an entrepreneur who owns Clickr, a SaaS company. He wanted to change his business model but something was stopping him. He took the next step to adopt a new business model with PayU. Tap on the video to find out what happened next! 

But do you know what was common between them? 
They all believed that #TimeIsNow and took the next step.  

Did Anu, Kamal & Saad’s journey inspire you to take your leap of faith? Let’s do it together!