How to Get Your Business on Top of Google Search

Google is visited by millions of users every day and each visit has the potential to convert a reader into your customer. It is one of the most powerful source to drive traffic. Therefore you need to ensure that your site is built as per Google algorithms and quality content is posted regularly to drive traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process which ensures that your content is visible to the audience when they run a search query on Google. It aims to drive traffic from the ‘organic’ and ‘paid’ sources to achieve ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Search engine algorithms keeps changing from time to time. Not engaging in right SEO techniques can get your website banned from Google. Why risk it when you can implement Google-approved SEO techniques to maintain your SERP ranks. Integrate following tips to achieve SEO rankings for your website:


SEO Formula

With change in Google algorithms, you need to be extra careful while optimizing your website. Implementing right SEO techniques is the best way to create a Google friendly website. It helps you to maintain SERP Ranks.  

Awesome Content + Targeted Outreach + Value Add Preposition = Links

Content is king when it comes to improve Google rankings. A website with great content directly boosts your domain authority and page authority. Always put quality content on your website as Google gives preference to sites that adds value. Think why your site content is better than hundreds of other competitors. It will help you to create value preposition for your customers.

Find Broken Links

Broken links badly hurt your quality score with Google algorithms. It creates a bad experience which downgrades user experience and search engine algorithm. They are the roadblocks in the entire conversion process. Your SEO efforts will be waste if you don’t identify and fix these links. Remove broken/dead links or re-create them by updating the entire content piece where those links are published.

Link out to Authority Sites

Always create backlinks on site with high domain and page authority. Google determines the quality of the link by considering website’s authority and quality score. The pages you link out should reflect the topic of your page.

Do as per Google Updates

Google makes over 500 changes to its algorithms every year. Among these changes, three are the biggest changes that have happened in the past few years, Google Panda, Google Penguin and Google Hummingbird.

Google Panda: The major purpose behind Google Panda was to ensure that sites with high-quality score ranks high on Google. It was all about on-site quality. For the first time, Google started analyzing site content and created a quality score depending upon it.

Google Penguin: The goal of Penguin was to reduce trust that Google had in sites which created unnatural backlinks in order to gain advantage in SERPs. It detected self-made links by the websites.

Humming Bird: Google Humming bird update was an entire new search engine. Its goal was to better understand user’s search query. It was for the first time that Google started identifying relevant keywords for a search query.

For example, when a user searchers for, “the best way to accept credit/debit card payments?” humming bird was able to discrete that for ‘best way’ the users likely would be interested in results that shows ‘the best payment gateway provider’.

Google trends keeps on changing. Nevertheless, we’re sure by integrating these tips, you’ll be able to create an effective SEO strategy for your online business.

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