Oh, the blue tick! Having a verification badge on Facebook and Instagram does not just make you feel proud, but it also has many advantages for your business. To get a verification badge on your account is a dream and we know it!

However, one thing that you should also know is that you need to do a lot of quality posting on both these platforms to increase your followers and get a verification badge.

You need to write content that is relevant to people and attracts them. For this, you may want to have a content marketing strategy in place! Here, A Step-By-Step Guide to Do Content Marketing Right In 2019 will tell you how to create, distribute and re-purpose content for your readers!

In this post, we will tell you how you can get your business or individual account verified on both Facebook and Instagram, easily. But, first, let’s check the advantages of having a verification badge.

Benefits of Facebook and Instagram Verification

  • Brand Credibility – It creates brand visibility. Your customers know that this is your authentic profile page as it has a verification badge. They can connect with you on the page, without any fear.
  • Increase Reach – It shows that your account is of public interest, and hence more people will be interested to know about it. Also, the audience will be able to find it easily with the verification badge.
  • Rank higher in search engines – This helps in attracting more visitors.
  • Builds Trust – The audience knows that the information is 100% correct if it is being shared on a verified page. You can post about various schemes, promotions and give business updates, on your verified business page.

Grey Tick or Blue Tick? Facebook Provides 2 Verification Badges:

1.Grey Verification Badge: This confirms the location of a business and is easy to obtain. Global brand Apple has a grey verification badge!

2. Blue Verification Badge: This provides a confirmed authenticity of the brand, media organizations or public figures. PayU’s official page is verified, for instance!

Instagram, on the other hand, provides only blue badge to their verified users.

Basic Requirements for Facebook and Instagram Verification:

  1. Comply with Facebook’s terms of service.
  2. Activate “Subscribe” for a blue badge on Facebook!
  3. Make sure your profile picture, cover picture, name, link to the website, contact information, and content – all are authentic and updated on both platforms.
  4. For Instagram users, you must also be popular on the platform with people searching for you quite often. Also, you must follow Instagram’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

Tip: In case of an individual profile, click on “public figure” category in the “About” section of Facebook and Instagram. This will increase your chances of getting verified.

Step by Step Guide to Get a Verification Badge on Facebook

To Apply For A Blue Badge:

1. Submit a request for a blue badge by filling out this form.

2. In case you want to verify a page, select your business page from the drop-down. In the case of an individual, enter your Facebook profile URL.

3. Attach a photo of your ID – driving license or passport if the account is of an individual. In case if it is a business page, attach a photo of any document that has seal/watermark of your business i.e. organization’s phone bill, etc.

4. In the end, fill a good answer on why you think your account should be verified. Click on “Send”.

To Apply For A Grey Badge:

  1. Click “Settings” at the top of your page.
  2. Click on “page verification”.
  3. Choose “verify this page” and “let’s go”.
  4. Enter your country, language and the official contact number of your company.
  5. Click on “call me now”. Facebook will then give you a four-digit verification code over the phone.
  6. Enter the code and click on “continue”.

Note: If you don’t see “page verification” tab on your page, it is because Facebook hasn’t rolled out this feature to all its users yet.

How Much Time Does Facebook Take To Give a Verification Badge?

You’ll receive a notification once Facebook starts reviewing your verification request. It can take anywhere between 2 days or 2 months for a verification badge. If Facebook denies a verification badge in the first attempt, you can again submit a new request after 30 days.

Step by Step Guide to Get a Verification Badge on Instagram

  1. Go to your profile and click on the menu bar.
  2. Now, click on “Settings”.
  3. Click on Account and then click on “Request Verification”.
  4. Fill out the form and “Send”. 

Instagram takes a few weeks to take its decision on providing you with a blue badge. If it refuses you in the first attempt, you can try again after 30 days.

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Don’t worry even if Facebook and Instagram refuse to give a verification badge to you in the first go. You can expand your community and reach out to more people by increasing your marketing efforts. And when your reach and popularity grow, you can again apply for verification.

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