A smooth cash flow is important for running day-to-day operations, for any business. If you are a PayU merchant, then there is no need for you to worry! With PayU’s Same Day Settlement feature, you receive money in your bank account the same day of the sales, through NEFT.

Therefore, you have enough money in your bank account that can be utilised to manage your daily activities, amend your marketing strategies and leverage new opportunities to reach out to customers, faster and conveniently.

Read on to know more about why it is a must to have PayU’s Same Day Settlement feature enabled for your business.

Re-invest More with the Improved Cash Flow

As mentioned above, PayU’s Same Day Settlement feature will help you improve your cash flow and thus help you in managing your working capital effectively. It will ensure your peace of mind that the money you have earned is already in your bank account and available for expenses and investing more.

An agile way of working will help you grow your business manifold and create a strong brand image in front of customers.

Be More Productive

After partnering with PayU, you will be able to settle your accounts faster with the vendors and spend less time tracking pending payments. You can track all your transactions on the PayUmoney dashboard, even when you are on the go.

This will help you devote more time to understanding your customers and their needs, implement them and expand your business.

Need Not Rely on External Credits

With the Same Day Settlement feature, you don’t have to take a costly loan and worry about repayment issues. A regular inflow of cash will help you in budgeting and managing your business better and meet your day-to-day cash demands.

How to Enable PayU Same Day Settlements

You can start receiving same-day settlements by simply getting in touch with your Relationship Manager and signing the agreement or by reaching out to us here.

We understand that healthy cash flow is essential to run the business smoothly and with ease. That’s why now don’t keep waiting for your hard-earned money for days. PayU Same day Settlements feature is the quickest, most convenient and a great way to be prepared for your business’s cash demands.

Sign up for our Same Day Settlements feature and grow your business just like our 4.5 lakh + online businesses do! PayU is India’s leading payment solution provider. And we are always excited to empower our users with all these consistent enhancements and feature updates!