A much talked about phenomena is the gender gap at the workplace and despite the various discussions around this topic for quite a few years, it remains a prevalent issue. At PayU, we are committed to actively managing diversity and inclusion in the workforce by recognizing and utilizing the contribution of diverse skills and talents. We value the unique contribution people can make because of their different experiences and perspectives, including men and women who have co-existing domestic responsibilities.

PayU is committed to Diversity and Inclusion at the highest leadership levels. We are driven to address the gender gap across all levels of the workforce and at all stages – from hiring and recruitment to evaluation and promotion.

Some of our existing initiatives include giving employees twice the bonus for referring a women candidate as the bonus for referring a male candidate. This program has had a very successful response with over 300 referrals coming to us in record time. We also promote childcare subsidy for mothers and single fathers, supporting employees in their domestic responsibilities.

In part, the gender gap at the workforce also occurs when experienced women employees take a sabbatical from work for a few years. At PayU, we are committed to addressing this and recently, our HR team participated in an all-women attendee conference – HerRising, held in Bangalore, organised by JobsForHer (JFH) – an organisation which enables women to find the right opportunities to restart their careers after a break. PayU had an exclusive space to meet more than 2000 women across their career journeys and interacted with more than 400 of them.

We consider gender diversity as a starting point for making PayU more inclusive. We not only want to attract and engage more women but want to go one step further and create a platform at PayU for women who have been on a break and now want to resume working. To aid us in this mission, we have tied up with the JFH team.

We are very happy to have started an initiative Second Innings Program, which will consist of jobs for which only women returnees will be eligible to apply. As part of this initiative, we will be extending specific job opportunities to these women across PayU offices, so as to provide them a platform to restart their careers with PayU. The women will be assigned a workplace ‘buddy’ for a month from the existing team, to ease their journey as they transit back into professional workplaces. The opportunities will be open across verticals.

Women who want to re-join work will be hired at PayU as trainees for the initial 6 months. At the end of their 6 months’ probation period, their employment can be confirmed, the basis of their performance. Leaders are also given the power to hire full-time employees directly from this pool of women if the candidate is suitable and matches all the requirements of the job.

Through these and many other programs and initiatives, we are slowly changing PayU into a more open, more inclusive and more diverse company, and a better place to work. If you want to know more about the exciting opportunities we offer as part of Second Innings, please visit: https://www.jobsforher.com/company/payu-payments-private-limited/6083

We hope this initiative to become a great success and prove to be one of the most effective ways to bring back women professionals who were on a career break. To know more about PayU values & initiatives,