Freelancing, these days, is a great way to earn big while working from the comfort of your home. It is no longer considered as a part-time job to do. People look to build their careers with freelancing, leaving their traditional jobs!

According to stats, 68% of freelancers say that their life has improved since they started freelancing and much happier than before. And the numbers are just growing! Everybody is turning towards freelancing – 47% of freelancers are millennials!

However, unfortunately, freelancers often deal with the problem of late payments or even no payments. According to stats, 58% of freelancers report a consistent problem of receiving payments late. On average, freelancers are paid 18+ days after the payment due date.

So, what can freelancers do in such a situation? Check out different ways a freelancer can collect payments?

One way to get paid on time is by integrating a good payment gateway such as PayU on your website. PayU charges no set up fees and has zero annual maintenance charges. Also, it is highly safe and secure.

Just sign up on PayU as a merchant, and integrate the PayU payment gateway on your website, in no time!

How Freelancers can Integrate PayU Payment Gateway on their Website

The 3 main steps for integrating the PayU payment gateway on your website include:

  1. Installing the PHP kit
  2. Configuring the kit
  3. Testing & going LIVE

Here’s a step-by-step guide to know how to do PayUmoney Payment Gateway Integration in PHP Website

How Freelancers Can Collect Payments Without Having a Website

Don’t worry, if you do not have a website. You can collect payments easily with PayU payment links. Creating PayU payment links does not require any technical knowledge or experience. You can do it in just these 4 simple steps:

  1. Sign up on PayUmoney
  2. Create PayU payment link
  3. Share link with customers via WhatsApp, Facebook, Email or SMS

4. Get paid directly into your bank account

You can also create and send invoices to your clients with PayU Payment Links. Read here to know How to Accept Payments Online Using PayU Payment Links?

Freelancers Can Collect Payments On-the-Go with All-New PayU App

The all-new PayU app lets you create and send PayU payment links to your clients, request payments, track your business performance on the PayUmoney powerful dashboard and create a website, within minutes — all on the go.

Click here to download our new revamped PayU App.

Why Should Freelancers Choose PayU?

Besides the core features mentioned above, PayU offers the following to the freelancers:

1.International Payment Acceptance – With PayU, you will be able to accept payments in more than 100+ currencies. Know how to Accept International Payments with PayUmoney

2. Instant Settlements – Get money in your account the same day! Read this for more details: Introducing Same Day Settlements for PayUmoney Merchants

3. All payment Options Available – Give people all payment options – credit/debit cards, wallets, UPI, and others. Your customers will see a screen like below on clicking on the PayU payment link:


4. Subscriptions – You can offer subscription services to your clients. Click here for Subscription APIs and to know more benefits of Subscription-based payments.

5. PayU Buttons: You can also add a Payments Button on Website or Blog and start collecting payments in no time!



PayU makes for a good option for freelancers who want to request payments from clients. The processes in PayU are streamlined and you can collect even international payments hassle-free.

With PayU, you have control over your work, clients, and payments. It simplifies collecting payments on time for freelancers and helps them grow! Integrate with PayU and start collecting payments within minutes. For more details,