With the number of online shoppers increasing day by day, it makes sense to offer your customers a secure, easy-to-use and quick online payment solution.

According to data, there are currently 147.8 million eCommerce users in India, and we can expect this number to grow to over 358 million by 2020. However, the data also reveals that around 70% of the customers abandon the shopping cart, right at the checkout phase, which leads to losses in business.

Therefore, the payment solution that you choose should have multiple features such as a variety of payment methods during checkout, an easy-to-use customer interface and high success rates, for more conversions.


Here are a few key pointers to consider when selecting an online payment solution for your business:

1. More than Just a Payment Gateway

If you are building your business, you should choose a payment solution that offers customized products and fulfil all your payment collection needs. For instance, if you have a website, there should be an option of integrating a payment gateway; if you don’t have a website, it should offer payment links for collecting payments and more.

PayUmoney offers a variety of other products that could help you in managing your payments better!

  • Web Checkout – You have done enough hard work to make people come to your landing page and add items to their cart. And you would surely not want to lose them with a badly-designed or confusing checkout page. We provide a completely redirection-less checkout for website and mobile-web through PayUmoney Bolt. The payment page opens as a pop up on the website itself, and the customer never leaves your website, leading to higher success rates and increased sales.

Click here to know more about PayUmoney’s Bolt Web Checkout

  • Plug n Play SDK – If you are a growing business but so not have a website, a payment gateway for your mobile app works the best for you to collect online payments. The PayUmoney SDK allows you to accept payments on your android or ios mobile applications. You can integrate SDK easily in your app with the customized pre-designed screen and start collecting your payments through multiple payment options, in minutes!

Want a SDK for your business app? Click here.

  • Platform Plugins – Would it not be amazing if your website is built on an ecommerce platform? You will get an opportunity to accept payments through them! With PayUmoney Platform Plugins, you get ready-to-use payment gateways for popular ecoomerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, OpenCart and many more. And adding these plugins is as simple as ever.

Click on the image to watch a 2-minute video on how to integrate the Platform Plugins:

  • Payment Links– If you want to collect payments from your customers from anywhere but do not want to get in the process of installing payment gateways, Payment Links are the best option for you. Send the PayUmoney Payment Links to your customers via Whatsapp, Email, Social Media or any other application and request for payment.

Click here if interested in accepting payments directly into your bank account via payment links.

  • Excel Plugin – If you use Excel for your business extensively, you can might just use it for collecting payments too! PayUmoney Payments Plugin For MS Excel lets you accept and manage payments right from your excel sheet. With PayUmoney’s Excel plugin, you will be able to send multiple payment links at one go.

Know more about the features of and how to integrate PayUmoney Excel Plugin here.

  • Payment Buttons – If you have a business with limited products and fixed prices or you are an NGO that want to receive donations through your website, payment buttons could be the ideal choice for you to collect payments. To integrate a PayUmoney Button, all you need to do is place the “Payment Button” on your website or blog by pasting a HTML code and start receiving payments in no time!

Watch this video to know How To Create PayUmoney Payment Button.

  • Aggregator Solution – If you’re building a business that connects buyers and sellers, you can use the PayUmoney aggregator solution to get your sellers paid. Aggregator solution allows multiple settlements against a single authorised transaction.

2. Easy Sign-Up & Quick Onboarding

A heavy sign up and onboarding process remains a pain point for many in the online payments industry. Going through the tasks of providing all the documents in person, waiting for approvals for months and following up with payment solutions team can take a toll on your business.

While the sign up is done in 2 east steps at PayUmoney, we are glad to share that our onboarding process in 100% online and hassle-free. While you upload soft copies of all your documents from your PayUmoney dashboard, you will keep receiving emails conforming the status of your application.


Learn more about Document Checklist for Payment Gateway through this post.

3. Higher Success Rates

It is essential to check and compare the success rates of various online payment processors. Always check if the online payment solution you choose has all payment modes. Higher number of payment options, ease of checkout, lead to higher success rates.

PayUmoney is badged with the best transaction success rates in the industry so far.

4. Low Charges

Paying for every transaction is not a small cost, when you are running your own business! Therefore, you should always compare the setup fees, transaction charges and ask if there are any hidden charges from various payment solution companies. At PayUmoney, we make sure that the price we offer to the merchants for carrying out transactions are best in the industry, and legal.

There is zero setup charges or Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC).We charge 2% + GST on every transaction.


For American Express & Diners Cards, transaction fees is 3% + GST for international transactions.

5. All Payment Options

It is always better to give maximum payment mode options to your customers so that the chances of drop offs reduce. The more payment options you give, the more convenient it will be for the customer, thus impacting your conversions. PayUmoney supports various payment modes such as:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Net banking
  • UPI
  • EMI
  • E-Wallets
  • Tez
  • LazyPay

6.Offers International Payments + EMI Options

To grow your business globally, you should implement a payment solution that accept payments in different currencies. PayU offers international payments acceptance to our merchants in partnership with leading banks, in 30 currencies.

Online_Payment_solution_International pyments

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to Accept International Payments with PayUmoney.

EMI Option

There are a lot of people who find it easier to pay through EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments). PayUmoney has partnered with various banks to provide this option to your customers, while they are on the checkout page. If you want to add EMI as a payment option for your customers on the checkout page, reach out to us here.

7. Seamless Checkout Experience

Customers these days expect everything to happen in a click. If you have your checkout process optimized, you might end up getting more traffic, making more purchases. An easy-to-use checkout interface makes shopping easier for them. PayUmoney has developed many additional features to make sure that your customers do not face any difficulty while checking out, either through web or mobile.

  • Saved Cards – PayUmoney gives your customers an option of saving their card details at the time of their transactions, so that they do not have to fill in the details every time.

Success rates for transactions through saved cards are 8-12% higher than other transactions.

  • Nitro Feature– By integrating Nitro Flow, we save your customers from the pain of remembering and entering login credentials, every time they make an online payment. They can quickly access their Saved Cards with PayUmoney and make payments.

Our merchants have seen a growth of 6-7% in success rates, using Nitro.

  • Easy Retry Option – In case your customer drops off during checkout process due to some technical or network error, he will not have to fill his details again. The customer can retry seamlessly by starting from where they had left.
  • Payment Mode Intelligence – PayUMoney uses a proprietary algorithm that displays the most preferred option of payment to your consumers, thus providing a frictionless and fast checkout experience.

Read on to know more about PayUmoney Web Checkout: Completely Redirection-Less Checkout For Website and Mobile-Web

8. Highly Secure

With an increase in businesses using online payment solutions, there is also a fear of cyber fraud. You must have heard in news of hackers aiming to get card details of the customers via hacking sites. However, one of the key goals of PayUmoney is to secure general as well as financial information of its users. The following pointers make PayUmoney a totally secure payment processor:

  • It is a PCI-DSS compliant, which means PayUmoney adheres to all the security standards and practices recommended by the Payments Card Industry.
  • Also, there is always a two-factor authentication during checkouts. First, the customer must enter the CVV and secondly, enter the OTP sent on his registered mobile number.

9. Powerful Dashboard for Tracking

The online payment solution that you use should not only have payment accepting options but also provide you with the convenience of tracking and managing online transactions.

The PayUmoney dashboard enables you to view all your transactions in a systematic form. Also, you will be able to keep a tab on your cashflow – how much money is being credited, how much debited (refund), reconcile payments and send payment links to your customers.


Read more about various filters and features of The All New PayUmoney Dashboard

10. Optimized for All Devices

The payment/checkout page of your business must be optimized to adapt to any device such as desktop, mobile, or tablet to provide better payment experience to the customers.

PayUmoney’s checkout page is highly optimized & responsive for any device be it smartphones, tablets, desktop or laptops. Thus, your consumer experiences a seamless payment checkout, irrespective of the device or browser.

Also, PayUmoney has a Mobile Only Checkout feature that allows consumers to checkout through mobile easily. The consumer will not be required to enter his email address during checkout, if he has done that before on web checkouts.


Security and easy-to-use checkout pages play the most vital role while you are in the process of selecting an online payment solution for your business. And PayUmoney is the world’s leading payment solution provider, in terms of success rates and convenient checkouts.

If you’d like to have all these benefits and grow your business efficiently, sign up on PayUmoney.