Today the Indian economy is clouded with online businesses catering to a wide range useful services and products such as weddings, e-commerce, groceries, restaurant surfers and more. As per research, approximately,  54% of startups take birth in India every year. Before you reveal the 4 secret ingredients of a successful online business, explore why going online is good for businesses: 

    • Saves overheads to set up a physical store 
    • Easy to process orders and inventories 
    • Convenient for consumers who prefer ‘sit-at-home’ services 
    • It is available 24/7 
    • Global outreach 
    • No cash handling jitters 
    • Multiple payment options
    • Easier to launch sales, offers, mega-budget campaigns  

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Over years of evolution and expert observation, online businesses have certain special ingredients to achieve sure shot success in just a short time span. As per our estimates and foresight, at present

Any Successful Online Business Should Have: 

successful online business infographic

1. Website

Needless to say that going online is a synonym for having a website: a professional presence of your business. Consumers rely heavily on image and credibility of any business. Having a website and making a crisp point to give all the information about you to your customers makes them feel extremely connected with you. The feel, look and display of products or services on your website opens a field of trust in your customers.  

For example, you sell aromatic candles online, you need a place to display your products and inform your customers about from where and how to buy, other services you provide, sales you are setting up and more.  

Having a website and updating it on a regular basis: 

  1. Increases the chances of returning customers as they have a high intent of interest in your product and want to be in the forefront of every update.
  2. This, in turn, helps in increasing sales gradually as you are actively maintaining your website and have more to offer.  

Successful Online Business Website Checklist

  • Homepage, contact us page, about us page, support us page, features & benefits and testimonials
  • High-resolution images, logos, favicon and responsive design
  • Keyword optimized content, metadata, sitemaps and high website load time
  • Google AdWords account linked to your website
  • Website PCI security
  • Chatbot

 2. Blog 

Blogs help to widen your perspective and showcase it in a very different manner. You can write about your new product launches in detail, give valuable information about the line or field of business, publish interviews with thought leaders and so much more.  

For example, while you sell aromatic on your website, you can also put up a beautiful piece of informative content about How aroma therapies help relieve stress, Ways to beautiful your home decor with candles, Classic aromas from around the world and so on.  

As in the example, you can talk about much more than just your products. Almost every website will have a dedicated space for blogs as it increases your website searchability and readership on search engines.  

Pro-tip: Make your blogs short, crisp and search engine optimized (SEO).

SEO basically helps to push websites or blogs with relevant content on the top which increases the number of clicks and viewers on your website or blog. Know more about how to skyrocket your website traffic using SEO techniques 

Successful Online Business Blog Checklist

  • Homepage
  • Relevant categories
  • Social media handles
  • High-resolution images, logos, favicons
  • Search engine optimized content
  • Subscription section & comments section
  • To-the-point CTAs
  • Website link
  • Useful plugins (WordPress)
  • Author details

3. Social Media

Apart from website and blogs, you can find a huge set of your target audience on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on. You can target your audience on social media channels by putting up engaging posts, videos, polls and so much more. Initially, social media was mainly meant to stay connected with friends and family. Soon businesses started using these channels to draw people’s attention to their products and services. This act pumped new horizon of using social media to promote business.  

For example, you can upload your product (aromatic candle) images on your social media business page and redirect your customers to your blog or website for further information about the product and buying process.  

If you are still wondering why we have listed ‘social media’ as one of the 4 secret ingredients of successful online businesses then, here are the top social media marketing tips for your business   

Successful Online Business Social Media Checklist

  • Company logo, name, category, about us, maps, & contact us details
  • Crisp description & product offering details
  • Engaging  images
  • User-generated content
  • Videos, images, and gifs
  • Link to website
  • Hashtags and tags
  • Post descriptions

4. Payment Gateway

Once you have a website you ought to have a payment gateway attached to it! By integrating with a payment gateway you smoothen the entire buyer experience of your customers. With a payment gateway, your customers can use any payment method to pay the bill at any time and from anywhere. However being wise and choosing the right payment gateway also makes a lot of difference in the entire purchase cycle.  

For example: when your customers scan through your products on your website, they can make the payment immediately because your website is integrated with PayUmoney payment gateway. A payment gateway integration also reduces the chances of cart abandonment, rethinking about products once chosen and so on.  

Successful Online Business Payment Gateway Checklist

We wish the best for you and your business and hence we have curated these 4 factors or ingredients are highly recommended by us for every successful online business! If you don’t have all or any one of these factors in place, it’s time to do so right away.  

With all your marketing efforts for your business in place, it’s a good idea to have an all-in-one payment solution in place as well. Now to enjoy the best payment gateway experience and grow your business effortlessly!   

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