Yes, Instagram is one of the top 5 apps globally.

Yes, marketers are gorging over the most ‘engagement-oriented’ app for promotions.

Yes, there are millions of Instagram business tools out there.

Yes, you are in the right space, because you want make the best use of Instagram business!

instagram business tools 2019

With your Instagram marketing in place, we now bring yet another most searched topic: using Instagram business tools for marketing.

Today, using Instagram for personal account is pretty easy and quick as compared to the business account. Are you facing the same issue? Don’t worry! We are here to help you choose exceptionally intelligent Instagram business tools for your business.

12 Must-Use Instagram Business Tools For Marketers

To begin with, there three important elements of Instagram:

  • Profile Bio
  • Pictures
  • Hashtags

Trust us, once you get these 3 points correctly, no one can stop your business from ruling Instagram.

We have listed the top Instagram business tools to assist you with content creation, editing, scheduling, analysing and much more! These tools are segmented into 6 use cases for your convenience:

top instagram business tools 2019

1. To Click & Edit Pictures Like a Pro

Instagram is a visual medium. What appeals to the eyes is consumed rather sold instantly. Hence, putting up good product or service pictures on your Instagram is of utmost importance.

If you skim through Google Play or App Store, you’ll find a bunch of apps promising best quality pictures. But which ones you should opt for your business undoubtedly:

  • VSCO: This app is used by leading marketing firms and influencers. The fun, professional and unique effects or filters it enables. Their photography app is one of the most powerful in the market.
  • Snapseed: This app is of great value and importance if you are always on the run. It is easy, simple and creative for candid clicks

Both these tools are mobile based applications and have free as well as paid services.

2. To Create Exceptional Content

Now that you have clicked pictures and edited them well, it’s time to make amazing post or content. The 2 most feasible tools include:

  • Canva: It is a free, handy and easy to use application (mobile + web). It has thousands of customisable templates and lakhs of stock images of your choice. Choose the best ones for your business and publish undeniable content. You can also create amazing Instagram stories on Canva!
  • Repost: It is not necessary to create original content at all times. You can also “repost” someone else inspiring and top performing post on your handle via the Repost app. This will help you boost your Instagram engagement and followers as well. Instead of creating content leverage what’s already existing because, it will always benefit you.

3. To Run & Evaluate Contests

In order to keep your audiences engaged at all times contests are always enduring. Instagram is a very hyper active social media channel, hence to keep your life sorted, you can make use of:

  • Wishpond: The app supports photo and hashtag (#) contests on Instagram. You can also use the app to creatively design contest landing pages, highlight prizes, approve and deny entries and so on. The app has a 14-day free trial eligibility after which, it is chargeable.
  • Comment Picker: If your contest is about asking people to comment in order to win prizes then, this is the apt tool to use. It randomly picks comments and your winner is selected! So, no need to spend hours evaluating comments.

4. For Competitor Analysis & Scouting Influencers

Competitor analysis is an integral part of any business hosted on any platform. Hence it is essential be on the top of your game. Hunt the top-rated influencers that suit your business perfectly. To perform this activity efficiently, you can make use of:

  • Buzzsumo: Influencer marketing is a powerful way to reach target audience without pinning hopes on paid media. Buzzsumo tool enables you to find, evaluate and analyse Influencer outreach for laying better business strategy.
  • HypeAuditor: The tool makes use of advanced AI to analyse any Instagram account on the basis of true followers, demographics, etc. This is a good way to keep an eye on your competitor!

5. To UseTheTrending Hashtags Of All Times

  • Focalmark: It is an intelligent tool designed specially for finding hashtags relevant on Instagram. It uses human research and ranking algorithm to suggest apt hashtag for your brand.
  • Autohash: This particular tool smartly makes use of computer vision algorithm to suggest hashtags relevant to your pictures

6. To Schedule Posts

This is one thing every marketer looks for – how to schedule posts on Instagram? Well, the answer is right here. Leave all your worries at bay and handle your business or ‘vacay’ peacefully with these tools at your disposal:

  • Later: This is an epic tool! It not only schedules your Instagram posts but also auto posts them at the set time. Later is also epic because of the acute analysis it provides for your posts. You can auto post videos as well using Later.
  • Preview: Want hashtag suggestions along with the ease to auto post on Instagram? Preview is the app for you. Create your Hashtag groups, discover and schedule the best time to post for your audience and much more on this app. Preview is available on android in select countries only, whereas it is easily available on iPhone globally.

These 12 Instagram business tools may seem quiet over the top or at first. You might think they require too much prep, but to be honest, it will make your life much breezy.

Keep Instagram post sharing on other social media channels ‘on’ for optimal results. So, before you resume your Instagram marketing activities, do check these Instagram business tools to grow quickly on social media.

With all your marketing efforts for your business in place, it’s a good idea to have an all-in-one payment solution in place as well. Now to enjoy the best payment gateway experience and grow your business effortlessly!

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