A huge thank you to all the PayUmoney blog readers! 2018 has been an extremely achieving, inspiring and a milestone for us. We introduced and used new ways to reach out to you, came up with new strategies to help your business flourish and in return we got amazing response from your end.

In this 2018 milestone post we will highlight some of the PayUmoney blogs that did well through the year and helped businesses in some way or the other.

Hit List Of Top 10 PayUmoney Blogs

1.Introducing All New PayUmoney Dashboard: We have always thrived to make tracking and managing business easy for our users. So, if you want to make the most of all the exclusive PayUmoney features, then this is the best time to SignUp (if you still haven’t) or simply Login to your account. Let your customers experience the best online payment service ever!

2. PayUmoney Web Checkout: This year we had only one aim in our mind and actions: to make our payment gateway an extremely seamless, easy and convenient option for all its users. The moment we released a new checkout system this year, our merchants were all “yes!” for key features which includes:

  • re-directionless checkout
  • easy retry option
  • payment mode intelligence and,
  • Nitro flow – for safe & automatic access to saved cards without login

All these features in combination contributes to a better success rate! Login in to account or SignUp to experience the best if you still haven’t.

3. How PayUmoney Payment Gateway Helps Businesses Grow?: This blog post rightly and largely focuses on the fact that we are more than a payment gateway. All the features introduced by us highly revolves in churning out better growth and success rates for your business. Read the complete blog to explore our exceptional features that will help you boost your business 5X.

4.Video Content Marketing Top Trends Of 2018: Today every business wants to create a benchmark and be different than it’s counterparts. We do witness the curve of change rising higher when it comes to flourishing marketing trends and techniques where video content marketing takes the driver’s seat rather! Let’s explore this rising trend all the more in this informative write up.

5. How To Use WhatsApp Business To Sell Products: If the app has an attractive base of 1.3 billion global users and 53% people shop on direct messages (DM), then it is bound to be a hub of all things saleable! The app is a selling hub for all marketers, salespersons, established or aspiring businesses. Why do we call it a hub to sell products? Go through the entire write up to explore more about WhatsApp business’ unique features, functions and more.

6. How To Use PayU Payments Plugin For MS Excel: Innovation is motto! We all use Excel sheets to manage our business and keep a track of all things. Then why not make the most of MS Excel to accept payments as well? Does the concept interest you? Get all the details you ought to know about the plugin right away!

7. 6 Simple Steps For A successful Brand Building Process: This particular blog piece has been loved by all our readers immensely and is always topping the charts. One reason being, a successful brand building process increases your sales and advocates your product or service. Read more to understand and process your brand better.

8. A Quick Payments Settlement Guide For Businesses: The ultimate goal for any and every business is to get customer payments in their bank account. Undoubtedly this is a rock star blog because of all the obvious reasons! If you are curious about the working of online payments then, click on the blog name to know more.

9. UPI Payment Gateway: UPI surely has been the hero of 2018! As the UPI juggernaut has gained steam, major players from across the world have jumped on the bandwagon including Google with Tez, Facebook with its UPI payment facility within WhatsApp. Get the glimpse of the UPI success and otherwise curve in the blog itself.

10. Expert’s Guide To Instagram Content Strategy: India is the 3rd leading country globally with a base of 59 Million active Instagram users just after US & Brazil. Instagram is getting highly popular in the world and so is our blog on the essential things and strategies to plan content for the gram. Read more!

11. Instagram For Business And It’s Benefits: Yet another Instagram blog topping our charts in 2018! Do not exclude this ever-growing social media channel from your business plan. Explore why and how you can use Instagram for your benefit.

Once again thanks a lot for your undying support to inspire us write better each year! Continue to be a part of our journey and unfold many more useful reads. Grow your business effortlessly with PayUmoney payment gateway.