AdWords is the online marketing platform owned and managed by Google. It is one of the largest online advertising networks in the world. Millions of online businesses are using AdWords to reach out to new customers in order to drive sales.

There are three major networks which you can use to advertise through Google AdWords:

Search: Search network refers to pay-per-click advertising. In search you need to bid as per the relevant keyword of your business. You can display your ad if a person enters those keywords into the search engines.

Display: It refers to the banner style advertisements which is shown on Google partnered websites.

Video: Video advertising refers to the YouTube marketing platform offered by Google. Video ads appear on YouTube whenever your audiences searches for  relevant information.

However before you start using Google AdWords, you should know why Google AdWords is the most efficient way to advertise your product or service.


 Why Google AdWords?

  • Attract more Customers: Grow your online business and increase sales by reaching out to new customers looking for the products or services which you offer.
  • Advertise locally or go global: You can target geographically as per the country and the city.
  • Reach audience at right time: Your product reaches to the most specific prospects who are searching it the most.
  • Stay in Control of your budget: You have the control on the overall expenditure on everyday campaigns.

 Steps to follow

  1. Determine your goal
  2. Set a budget
  3. Make a list of keywords
  4. Finalize keywords
  5. Bid on the right keywords
  6. Create ad copies for your campaign
  7. Measure ROI

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