As the world gets smaller, consumers from across the globe are shopping online and consuming products. It has opened a plethora of opportunities for businesses to cater to such a large customer base. However, making your mark in the new country is not going to happen overnight. This is where your vision, product and team effort will help you to hold steady.

Before you dive in and expand your business, always ask yourself:

  • What’s your Unique Selling Point?
  • Is there an overseas demand of your product/service?
  • Where is the best market to expand?
  • Are you aware about local strategies for effective marketing?
  • Will you need to partner with any local venture?
  • What you need to change in your product line to adapt to local culture?
  • What are the main risks?
  • Do you have financial resources to fund this expansion?

Here are few tips to help get you on the right track of global expansion:



Research Well

Always evaluate the market in which you want to expand. Do a complete research to understand the customer base, competition and product cycle. You need to analyse the life time value and psyche of your target group. Estimate the quantum of demand which exists for your product or service in the new market. You can also gather information with the help of research/survey agencies or professional networking groups for a better understanding.  

Keep Up the Basic

It is important for you to match your marketing efforts with the market in which you want to operate. Keep your basics right across variant verticals such as social media platforms, mailers and Google AdWords. Content brings life to your product by scaling reach and visibility. Get your customers feel excited with appealing marketing copies and visuals.

Be Found

Millions of users visit Google every day and each visit has the potential to covert a reader into your customer. Therefore Google ranking adds massive visibility to your product or service.  Make sure you communicate well about your product in the landing pages of your website. Also ensure that your website is built as per the latest Google updates.

Be Data Centric

Each market has its own unique set of audience with diversified customs, cultures, challenges and benefits. Before you formally launch your product or service into new market, always pilot sales with few selected customer base. Gather lots of data and then take crucial decisions. Take help from external agencies if you are unable to collect data on your own.

Be Professional

Think about the practicalities of selling your products or services internationally. Define how you plan to manage logistics, resources and capital allocation to achieve set targets. Every aspect of your customer’s journey is important to establish the brand value. Add offerings to win customer loyalty.

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