The basic aim behind relaunching your website is to have lots of traffic. This traffic is relative to the approach and effort you are incorporating in the process. Don’t shy away from making significant changes, but ensure that such changes are based upon thorough analysis of your market.

Above all, a website relaunch is an exciting opportunity to set new objectives for your online business. It can be a new product launch, change in existing product line or a new brand communication. All you need to do is simply focus on serving the needs of your customers effectively.

What does this means for your online business? Apart from generating traffic, you need your readers to perform a number of actions through your website. It can be:

  • Reading your content
  • Subscribing to your newsletters
  • Sharing your content
  • Engaging with your website
  • Filling a lead form
  • Accomplishing Sales

Altogether, it establishes your brand as a new authority. Relaunching your website is an advantage, as you can see what’s missing from the existing market and you can successfully fill those holes through it.

Here are five tips which you can focus on while relaunching your website:

Think About Users

Always think about your users while relaunching your website. Look at how your users are interacting with the market, how their buying habits have changed and what your competitors are planning. This exercise will help you to zero down the changes you need to make in your existing website.

Your users are the best to figure out what works for your online business. Keep them informed about your value prepositions and what gives you an edge over your competition.

Think Mobile

Given the number of significant mobile penetration, you need to ensure that you are providing an awesome mobile experience to your users. Mobile optimization helps your users to easily navigate, select and buy products directly through their mobile. It is a smart move, as users are increasingly interacting with hundreds of online businesses through their smartphones.

Also scale such that your website automatically adjusts to the screen size it’s viewed upon. On the other hand, dynamic serving ensures that the most relevant information is displayed first to your user.

SEO Friendly

Keep all the major SEO perspectives in mind while re-launching your website. Ignoring it can seriously jeopardize the link authority and ranking you have built over a period of time. If you want to move web-pages to new URLs, then you must ensure that you are following a proper crawling.

Use spider tools to crawl your website as it will help you with the list of every single URL it finds. You can also find a list of title tags, canonical tags, Meta tags and much more through such tools. Make sure that you are redirecting every single page to the corresponding new URLs.

Think for the Best

Always focus on why your website is better than your competitors. Inform your users what makes your site unique, valuable and engaging. Incorporate experience which stands you out from the rest.

Always ask yourself:

  • What do my users need?
  • How can I cater to those needs?
  • How can I provide better products/services from my competitors?

Design Systematically

Well design your website and showcase your content in the best possible way. Altogether it should leave an awesome first impression. Your content will help but before your user consumes content, they make a snap judgement about your site, by just looking at the design.

Keep all your design elements intact as they make it easy for a new visitor to understand why your website exists. Also read our blog on, “Five Ways to Streamline Your Ecommerce Website”. Stay tuned with PayUmoney Knowledge Platform and re-launch your website like a leader.