2018 is not yet over, but the pun is 2019 is not far either! As a marketer or business owner we are pre-fixed with the idea of plotting the planning process away ahead of time. Digital marketing trends may seem similar from the bird’s eye view. But the moment you zoom in, you’ll see millions of minute yet impactful channels and courses brimming as trends each day.

In this extensive write up we will emphasize deeply on the digital marketing trends that 2019 beholds for small sized businesses specifically. We will also shine light on some vital apps, techniques and tools you have to possess in order to excel in these trends.

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Let’s understand the digital marketing trends of 2019 right here and now!

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization. By the time to read each syllable of S-E-O you might feel like skipping this article, but wait a minute.

2018 might have been a great SEO teacher for you, but there is one thing you must be still unknown to about SEO: Smart Magnet Method (SMM).

The SMM method takes your efforts to hunt for a long tail keyword away and gently replaces it with a smart method to use keywords from Google ads itself!

This method pulls all the chances of going wrong with your keywords and hence ranking. Here’s a simple example of how SMM works:

I write blogs for PayUmoney. Depending on my blog topic of the week, I’ll use SMM as described in the steps below:

  1. Go to the incognito mode of my browser.
  2. Type my intended search topic. Eg: best payment gateway
  3. I am sure the top searches that Google or search engines will reflect will be an “ad”
  4. I’ll choose the most common word used in these ads
  5. I will use this keyword to write my highly optimised blog. And I am done!

Apart from smart magnetic method there a couple of more SEO best practices that will definitely and actively breathe through the next 3 years! Check out these best practices for SEO right away.

To keep your SEO in place at all times tools such as Semrush, Grammarly and Uber Suggest or Google Keyword planner are of great advantage here.

2. Artificial Intelligence

“Ok Google call Mom”

“Siri what to do, I am bored!”

“ Alexa play a happy song”

“Your order is on its way, please be patient” and so many more auto (chatbots) and voice messages are doing your work for you.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the gen next technologies the world is eyeing keenly.

AI is not only about chatbots and voice messages, it is deeply involved with automation. Today AI is heavily used in marketing as well.

Before you can directly reach out to an Amazon customer care executive, you will interact with a robot. The same process is being used by most of the large and small businesses as well.

AI makes work easy and faster for humans. Here are some really benchmarked AI tools for businesses you can have a look at and implement as well.

3. Mobile Marketing

“If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished” – Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola

The legends describe Mobile as the TV of the new era. Today, 80% of internet users own a smartphone. Mobile internet traffic as share of total global online traffic is 48.2%.

digital marketing trends 2019Image Source: Statista

In-app notifications, push notifications, mobile adverts, pop ups and many more ways of marketing tactics marketers are barging on at present. Everything that was once done on desktop only is now migrated to a 6-7 inch handset.

In this age of digitalisation, mobile marketing is proving to be a disruption when it comes to the way people are dealing with brands. Hence, planning your mobile marketing strategy in a very precise and step-by-step format is the need of the hour!

Some really handy tools for marketing efficiently on mobile include Clevertap, AdMob, your favorite social media.

4. Video Marketing

Videos are quick to view, easy to understand and creative to visualize.

Though video marketing has been a game spinner time and again, it is gaining deserving impetus only now!

video marketing digital marketing trends 2019

Digital marketing trends of 2019 are incomplete without mentioning video marketing as a crucial game changer in any marketing strategy. As a live example, we started gaining 3X more signups and blog views after we started creating and distributing videos.

Explore the top trends of video content marketing

Social media is a great channel of video content virality. You can find a variety of video creation tools online some of them include Powtoons, Animoto and a simple iMovies can get your traffic soaring high!

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencers not only influence but scoot your brand with their presence 10 notches higher! Whether you are a fashion or a hi-tech brand, you’ll find influencer in every business domain you are in.

A recent report points out to the fact that over 1,800 million people are actively using social media at present. As a business you must use influencer marketing which can prove to a be channel of hyper targeting your audience.

Chance upon a good way to gain quick insights into effective influencer marketing for fruitful results in a matter of time.

There are a few ways which can help you to search for quality influencers online. These tools include Cision, Buzzsumo and Onalytica.

6. Community Marketing

Quora, Reddit, StartupByte, Facebook and the likes are your goldmines! These communities with like mind people and interests are the place where you will be easily able to reach out to your core target audiences.

Post all important and vital content on these communities to reach out to many and more many people all at one go. Community marketing technically means you just sit at one place, for an hour and engage with the entire world all at once.

Create a community where people love to see what’s next coming up from your end. Keep your community filled with diverse content and always buzzing for more engagement.

7. Lead Generation

Today, almost all the websites you visit will either have a pop asking your name and email the moment you land on their site OR will have an exit intent luring you to stay and buy their product. What is this called?

Lead generation maybe irritating at first, but when you dive deeper into it, you’ll see the importance it withholds. Lead generation is a very important digital marketing segment. This is because of the after lead capturing scope it possesses.

Beginner’s guide to B2B lead generation is here!

Lead generation, capturing, nurturing and converting is a complete process by itself. Once you capture the desired leads, the way to nurture them to have them use your product in the end, is subjective on intent by nature.

For example, if you visit PayUmoney blog homepage, you’ll see a concise form which asks for your email. That’s it. Once you fill your details there, we nurture you with useful and customised content which will help you and your online business prosper.

lead generation digital marketing trends

Here our intent is to feed you healthy and customised content which is relevant to your business. However, your intent or aim of lead generation maybe different. Whatever your intent maybe, keep the motto “less is more” in mind and proceed towards success.

Apart from the above mentioned digital marketing trends, social media too plays an important role. We feel that social media is a given, now is the time for businesses to look forward to new avenues of marketing business in 2019. This new year onwards reach new heights and levels of successful with the 7 digital marketing tends of 2019 and let us hear your success!

With all your marketing efforts for your business in place, it’s a good idea to have an all-in-one payment solution in place as well. Now to enjoy the best payment gateway experience and grow your business effortlessly!
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