A profile of the various plugins available on PayU and how they can be used to enhance the functionality of e-commerce platforms.

PayU offers multiple payment gateway plugins across popular e-commerce platforms and shopping carts worldwide. Having a single platform integrated into multiple distribution channels makes it easier for businesses to manage their payments and ensure seamless transactions. PayU Woocommerce Plugin, PayU WordPress Plugin, PayU Shopify Plugin, and many more PayU Payment Listed Plugins can help you build a holistic e-commerce business with ease.

Enhance Functionality With Payment Gateway Plugins on E-commerce Platforms 

As the world turns digital, e-commerce platforms are swiftly gaining popularity as the go-to destination for consumers. Leveraging this rising interest, businesses are setting up their digital shops on prominent platforms. Many small businesses are using a purely digital platform to save up on fixed costs of setting up physical stores. The resultant increase in competition calls for each business to provide a better user experience and opt for more features that could help enhance their digital businesses.

Cross-border online sales have picked up pace due to the pandemic, offering a wider market range to businesses. The volume of payment gateways is also increasing as businesses adapt to the volume of transactions. After all, no one trusts a platform after a transaction failure. Neither can businesses afford to lose customers solely because of transaction failures. Therefore, seamless payment gateway plugins become crucial to facilitate such sales.

Growing businesses need a platter of plugins that integrate well with a wide range of tools required to build their business. Let’s explore how PayU India can be integrated across your everyday business tools and offer uninterrupted solutions.

PayU Payments Listed Plugins

PayU Woocommerce Plugin

When a customer places an order on your Woocommerce page, through The PayU Woocommerce Plugin, they are directly taken to the PayU page for secure payment. PayU is compatible with all Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards and Debit cards, so customers have a wide range of options to choose from for making payments. Once the payment is made, the user is redirected to the Woocommerce page with updates on the order successfully placed.

PayU WordPress Plugin

You can now integrate a payment gateway on your WordPress website. Enable payment options directly on your website to completely control direct conversions. You will need a PayU money account before setting up the PayU WordPress Plugin.

PayU Shiprocket Plugin

Integrate seamless payments with Shiprocket’s logistic solutions and much more! Shiprocket offers customizable features that can help you open your online store and support shipping, order tracking, marketing, and many business-friendly services. With the PayU Shiprocket Plugin, you can offer your customers PayU as a payment option.

PayU Shopify Plugin

Offer a wide range of payment options to your Shopify customers like UPI, Credit / Debit Card, Net Banking, Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, and other Wallets using one single plugin – the PayU Shopify Plugin. 

Get access to exclusive Shopify offers with this plugin such as: 

  • Discounted Prices: Starting at 0.40% per transaction
  • Free 14-day trial: Try Shopify for free for 14 days and get acquainted with the tools.
  • Subscriptions pages: To offer seamless subscriptions to your users and book regular sales.
  • EMI options: Encourage a large volume of sales by offering simple financing options to customers.

PayU Zoho Plugin

Set up a smooth CRM process with Zoho and integrate the PayU Zoho Plugin to accept payments straight from your dashboard. With this user-friendly plugin, you can also track all your payments in real-time and manage transactions through Zoho.

PayU ZohoCommerce Plugin

An extension of the Zoho CRM, Zoho Commerce allows business owners to set up their online stores. The PayU Zohocommerce Plugin ensures you offer easy payment options to your customers.

Explore these exclusive features with the PayU Zohocommerce Plugin:

  • No transaction fee up to ₹2 lakhs in revenue or three months, whichever is completed earlier
  • A 60-day free trial of Zoho Commerce
  • ₹6,000 worth of credits to help you switch to a paid plan

PayU Shopmatic Plugin

Shopmatic, a cloud-based e-commerce platform, allows businesses to create fully functional and easy to access websites. It allows the integration of social media platforms, custom domains, marketplace setups, logistic solutions, and much more. Now, with the PayU Shopmatic Plugin, business owners can make the most of their Shopmatic platform while accepting payments through safe payment gateways.

PayU Shyplite Plugin

A SaaS platform, Shyelite is a logistics aggregator that offers AI-based customizable shipping solutions with over 70 thousand sellers, 26 thousand Indian pin codes, and 220 countries in their framework. With over 30 services, zero subscription fee, and easy integration, grow your business with the most efficient shipping solutions while enjoying the benefits of smooth transactions through the PayU Shyplite Plugin.

PayU Magento Plugin

Owned by Adobe, Magneto is an e-commerce platform that specializes in unique website features that creates a B2B and B2C marketplace. Business owners can get the benefit of enhanced security, financial tracking, and over 100 payment options to offer to their customers through the PayU Magento Plugin.

PayU Prestashop Plugin

Prestashop operated on a freemium model with fun features and pre-made themes. Business owners can set up their online store on Prestashop and receive payments through the PayU Prestashop Plugin.

Payu Opencart Plugin

With the option to choose from two different gateway solutions – PayUMoney and PayUBiz, the free, open-source platform, Opencart can be integrated with the Payu Opencart Plugin to enhance transactions on the platform across all its unique themes.


PayU is partnering with multiple e-commerce platforms, covering a host of digital tools that businesses require to scale rapidly. With its high success rates, exclusive offers, and exceptional security, PayU’s various plugins link customers and business owners to enable smooth transactions in the digital space. Head over to the PayU website to understand which solution would suit your business needs the best!