The Internet has revolutionised the way business is conducted and eCommerce sites have become one of the most important aspects of the new retail world. They make it easy for small businesses to sell their products and are a huge help to consumers to locate the specific things that they desire.

E-commerce – you might have come across this word quite often, right? As the world becomes more connected, business owners like you are embracing technology to improve the products and the way they interact with their customers. eCommerce stores and sites have become an increasingly popular way for people to do this, allowing your customers to buy products from anywhere in the world at any time of the day. This is a great advantage for small and large businesses alike. 

Due to COVID-19, more companies and customers are going “digital,” offering and buying more products and services online. As a result, the proportion of e-commerce in the global retail trade increased from 14% in 2019 to over 17% in 2020. These numbers are expected to continue growing, and Top eCommerce sites are expected to gain even more popularity in the future. However, why are these numbers growing at such a great pace? What defines a good ecommerce website? Let’s find out!

What Defines a Good eCommerce Website?

You would be surprised to know that during the early days of the internet, the initial concept of eCommerce stores and websites was almost identical to shopping malls. It simply was an online version resembling a physical storefront. A good eCommerce website, however offers much more than that, leading to a fulfilling user experience.

An excellent user experience can only be delivered by an eCommerce shop with various components and functions operating together. It is a curated experience that smoothly guides your customers from discovery to serious consideration and purchase without any delays.

Types of eCommerce Services

eCommerce service is the term you can use to collectively describe your combined efforts in expanding sales through an array of online marketing and advertising services. There are mainly six broad divisions of eCommerce services in the market:

Sl. No.Type of eCommerceInformation
01Business to ConsumerB2C eCommerce sites offer sales of products or services from a business to a consumer.
02Business to BusinessB2B eCommerce sites streamline electronic transactions between two different businesses.
03Business to AdministrationB2A websites offer electronic exchanges between a public institution and a business.
04Consumer to ConsumerA C2C site is a place for two or more consumers to exchange goods and services.
05Consumer to BusinessC2B eCommerce sites facilitate sales of products and services from a consumer to a business.
06Consumer to AdministrationC2A sites provide a place for consumers to sell products and services to public institutions.

Top 5 Benefits of eCommerce

Interested in going digital with e-commerce? If you are excited about starting an eCommerce venture, you need to understand the benefits it offers.

  1. Low Startup Cost

Starting an eCommerce firm is significantly less expensive, which is one of its significant advantages. You don’t need to spend money on infrastructure or physical storefronts if you want to start an eCommerce business; you only need great items and original ideas.

  1. 24/7 Income Potential

The best part of eCommerce shopping is that you can be available 24/7 for your customers. As a result, clients may place orders for goods from anywhere in the globe at any time. You can attract customers who work night shifts or don’t have time to visit the shops.

  1. Bulk Order Processing

One of the main tasks of every eCommerce company is to quickly and correctly process bulk orders. Doing this through the help of eCommerce is a much simpler process. When your sales increase and you are able to handle it diligently, you will witness a subsequent increase in income and the overall growth of your company.

  1. International Sales

Online commerce is the best technique to get people from all around the world. Most of the time, people prefer eCommerce services for faster processing and delivery. So, eCommerce platforms can be the fastest and best bet if you want to send presents across borders.

  1. Business Growth

You may create movies, write blogs for your website, or write articles to market your brand across several platforms. This would help market your items and increase traffic without spending a lot of money.

Top eCommerce websites in India

Listed below are the five best eCommerce websites in India:

Sl. No.eCommerce WebsiteBest Known For
01AmazonGadgets, Peripherals, Home Appliances
02FlipkartBooks, Home Appliances
03eBayHealth and Beauty Products, Home and Garden Accessories, Video Games
04Shopping IndiatimesApparels, Books, Footwear
05Shopping RediffComputer and Smartphone Accessories

In a Nutshell

The internet is a valuable tool that can help you increase sales and branding, but that’s not all it can be. With the vast amount of information available on the internet, you should make sure that their eCommerce business is set up to meet customer demand. You must optimise your website for optimal user experience. You can create thriving eCommerce businesses by keeping customers and the sales process in mind.


  1. What are the advantages of eCommerce?

One of the primary advantages of eCommerce is that launching an online store is much cheaper than opening a physical store. The main benefits of this include low prices, flexibility, and speed, combined with vast volumes of customer data.

  1. Which is the best eCommerce website?

Amazon is currently the most popular ecommerce website both globally and in India. However, there is no one set best eCommerce sites. Before choosing a website, you should evaluate costs and product availability.

  1. How much time does it take to start an e-commerce business?

Starting an eCommerce business can take anywhere from a few months to years. It depends on the type of business you are planning and the procedure required for doing so. 

  1. How can PayU streamline the payments for ecommerce?

With PayU, your customers can experience the broadest set of payment modes. With 150+ payment modes, including that in international currencies, PayU allows you to take your e-commerce business to an international level and supply both in India and across borders. Setting up PayU for your ecommerce business is really simple. Start accepting your payments now with PayU!