Cost-cutting business ideas like efficient resource utilization, avoiding unwanted subscriptions, or setting up a budget will let businesses survive and save from loss of jobs.

Most Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) fail because they cannot keep their costs under control. Entrepreneurs worldwide are constantly trying to figure out cost-cutting business ideas to run their business with profit. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. So, here are some top business cost-cutting ideas.

1.Tips for Cutting Overhead Expenses and Utilities
2.Tips to Save on Business Equipments and Services
3.Tips to Increase Productivity and Reduce Labour Expenses
4.Other Top Business Cost-Cutting Ideas

Tips for Cutting Overhead Expenses and Utilities

Invest in Technology

Investing in technology may seem costly but increase productivity. It saves time by automating some clerical tasks or making some complicated tasks quick and easy.


Try to reduce, reuse, and recycle any product. Printer cartridges, cans, bottles, and mobile phones are examples that you may reuse. Reduce the use of electricity, water, etc., or recycle plastic or paper.

Use a Shared Workspace

Coworking space is a trending way of working now. You share your office space with other businesses. This helps your business save money on rent, electricity, maintenance, etc., without hampering your business.

Avoid Credit

Whenever possible, avoid giving credits as it may become an additional cost to you. You borrow money to provide credit to your clients, and you will increase your liability of paying interest.

Tips to Save on Business Equipments and Services

Go Paperless

Most of the business activities have turned digital. Reducing on paper will help you save overhead costs on paper.

Avoid Subscription-Based Services

Avoid auto-renew subscription services. Only subscribe when you need them.

Use Free Softwares

Many software can be expensive to buy. Look for alternative free open source or ones at lower prices. For example, many antivirus software is available for free online.

Conduct Virtual Meetings

It is now possible to have meetings over the phone or laptop. This helps the company save travelling expenses as well as time.

Shop Online

Another best cost-cutting idea for businesses also includes online shopping. Today, you can easily buy products online that offer great discounts and save on time and money for their delivery. Also, online stores have a return policy; thus, if the product is not up to the requirement, you can return it.

Tips to Increase Productivity and Reduce Labour Expenses

Take More Quotations

Cost-cutting business ideas also include contracting or outsourcing your work to a company or freelancers. Approach multiple vendors and compare their quotations. Then go with the one offering the best value for money. This gives quality work delivery and saves on the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Reduce Fixed Costs

A high fixed cost means the sales required to cover the fixed costs must be higher. This leaves you with little money to cover your variable expenses.

Consider Low-Cost Advertising

Traditional advertising methods can be expensive. Try looking at modern business ideas like social media, a powerful tool today to reach new customers.

Shop the Used Market

Buying used office equipment and furniture is a good option. With a bit of repair, some assets can work as good as new ones.

Practice Inventory Management

Managing your inventory is very crucial to meet customer demands. When you buy in bulk, you get discounts which may save some cost.

Sell Unused Items

Try to sell any items and equipment you have lying around which is not in use. This saves in their maintenance costs and also generates some money.

Set a Budget

Having a budget is essential. It helps reduce business costs and limit expenses within the decided amount.

Commission Based Sales

Try to get your sales team’s remuneration based on commission. It helps reduce costs substantially as salaries will be paid based on sales made.

Other Top Business Cost-Cutting Ideas

Top cost-cutting ideas for businesses
Top cost-cutting ideas for businesses

Practice Outsourcing 

It is impossible to fulfil each task internally by business. Thus, try to outsource such tasks and look for freelancers who can do short-term projects for you. 

Hire Interns

Hiring interns for cold calling and data tasks is a win-win for both. Interns are temporary and are available at a fraction of the salary of a full-time employee. In turn, they gain experience by working with the business. 

Hire Smart Employees

Hiring intelligent and experienced employees might cost you a higher salary, but you can efficiently deal with them. They avoid mistakes, rework, and sub-standard work, thus improving business productivity and reducing costs of rework. 

Efficient Working Hours

Allow employees to work as per their comfort. This way, their efficiency, and loyalty would rise. In addition, this will reduce the use of office resources such as stationery or electricity and lower hiring and training costs of inexperienced staff. 

Review Financial Statements

Review your financial statements thoroughly and look to find any expenses that you can avoid. Such reviews help in identifying and reducing business costs. 

Create Partnerships

Creating partnerships provides new opportunities for businesses. It helps you identify the best practices of your partner organizations and enables you to grow. 

Loan Restructure

If your business has loans, try to restructure them. At times, you can get the loan transferred to a different bank with lower interest rates, which may help you save a lot of money on interest payments. 

Remote Working

Many tasks don’t require the employee to be present at the office. Working from a remote location helps reduce the required office space and save fixed expenses like rent. 

Rent Out

If you have any space that you are not using, consider renting it out. This will help you generate extra revenue while saving costs. 

80/20 Principle

Use the 80:20 principle. Here you shall figure out activities that don’t generate income and activities that generate revenue. Now curb 80% of those expenses that don’t generate income. 

Split Advertising Cost

Split the cost of advertising and promotion with neighbouring companies. Share mailing lists, distribution channels, and suppliers with companies that sell complementary goods or services to buy storage space or advance your marketing alliance. 

Barter System

Try the old practice of barter. There is nothing wrong if you offer your service in exchange for a service that your client provides. This way you build good relations and may also save on costs. 

Try Reducing Landlines

Landline phones are an age-old service that is no longer a necessity. Mobile phones are way cheaper and offer much flexibility. 


Business ideas are not just about working hard to get sales. It also involves innovative work that generates cost-cutting business ideas and increases revenues. These cost-cutting ideas for businesses are efficient strategies that are useful for all kinds of organizations. If you have more to add to the list, do put them in the comment section below.