Online businesses are using technology to solve their business problems. If complex technical integration is a pain point & reason for your reluctance, then we have a good news for you! With the help of technology, PayUmoney is simplifying payments for both tech and non tech savvy merchants.

Recently, we made the checkout flow easier and faster. In this blog, let’s have a look at why merchants are using Invoicing solution to create bill templates & collect payments from customers, track the status of the invoices with ease. You’d want to know more about the invoicing solution, if you:

  • Want to create and send email and sms invoices within minutes if not in seconds
  • Don’t have tech team to integrate gateway
  • Want to collect upon delivery
  • Address the issue of abandoned cart
  • Collect payment from customer for specific product(s), without having them browse your website
  • Set Expiry time for the invoices you share

Recently, we added some more features to the existing invoicing system, let’s have a look here:

Reusable link

You can now broadcast invoices via links using the Copy link feature. Here, you can use a single link to receive payment from multiple customers. This saves you from the hassle of creating separate link for each customer! This means that you can share the links along with your social media post or marketing campaigns. Here, you also give your customers the option to complete the purchase with the help of the payment link.

Customize link

You can now send customized links using one or more of the below parameters:

  • Invoice number & Customer name – For merchants having their own billing system, the corresponding identifier for the bill can be passed for reconciliation
  • Tax & Shipping charges – For merchants whose products and services has provision for tax and shipping charge, the total amount can be broken up and shown

Steps to create Email/SMS Invoice

Login to your PayUmoney dashboard, go to Payment Links

Click on Send Payment Links and Fill up Email/Number, Amount, Description, Expiry date and time

Click on Send button

Message after sending the invoice successfully

You can use the Copy link feature (‘Send to’ field is optional) to share on Social channels:

How to enable the new feature?

We’ll be rolling out the upgrade in the first week of June in a phased manner. You’ll have to Sign up on PayUmoney and head over to the dashboard to accept payments with the invoicing system.

Coming Soon:

  • Bulk & Recurring invoicing
  • Invoice scheduler
  • Enhanced support for: tax, shipping, discounts & third party shopping carts

Stay tuned!