With its unique and innovative payments solutions, PayUmoney has enabled a wide range of merchants to go cashless within minutes.  Just after few days of Demonetization, the redesigned PayUmoney Seller App embodies our vision for the future of cashless transactions in India.

We at PayUmoney redesigned our app to make cashless payments more seamless, easy and secure. It puts your payment collection process with the app at the forefront. PayUmoney Seller App powers digital payments based on the needs and requirements of merchants.

Go Cashless Faster and Safer

PayUmoney has simplified app features and modernized it to make easier for you to collect payments from your customers.

  • Instant activation: All you need to do is fill your email id, password and phone no. Your account with PayUmoney Seller app is activated.
  • Unlimited transactions: With PayUmoney Seller App, enjoy unlimited transaction on the go. Install seller app now and forget about upgrading your daily or monthly transactions limit.
  • Link to any Bank account: A new personalized feature where you can directly link any bank account (Savings or Current) with your seller app.
  • No login required from customers: Your customers don’t need to login every time you raise invoices. Simply ask their contact number and share e-invoices through email, sms, whats App etc.
  • Direct settlement into account: Payments received through PayUmoney seller is directly transferred into your preferred bank account.

PayUmoney Seller App

Go Live in Shortest Time

Install PayUmoney Seller app and start collecting online payments from your customers instantly. Say hello to simple sign up:

  1. Login to Seller app
  2. Share bill with any app
  3. Accept Payments

A Better Cashless Experience

Smart Price Chart

Every time you create a bill, our smart price manager stores items and builds a private price chart. Thereby, you don’t need to enter price of the same item as our smart price chart gives you the suggestion. You can of course edit the price of an item before sending bills.

Sales Dashboard

We have also made it easier for you to use in-store functionality. Find all the transaction details and payments of your recent sale through sales dashboard. You can apply filters if you want a deeper analysis into your sales.

All in one Pay

Enjoy variety of payment choices and accept payments through debit cards, credit cards and net-banking.

Easy Billing

With PayUmoney Seller app, you can send bills through WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS and Emails. All you need to do is enter customer’s mobile number or email id and you’r done.

Highest Success Rate

PayUmoney Seller App incorporates seamless user experience while ensuring highest transaction success rate. All payments processed through PayU platform are PCI compliant, thus ensuring maximum security.

More than 4 lakh plus merchants are using PayUmoney Seller App to collect online payments from their customers. Install PayUmoney Seller App now and join the club of merchants illuminating the flame of demonetization in India.

You can get the latest versions of the PayUmoney Seller App at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Know more about PayUmoney Seller App by clicking here.