What is an online payments experience? Here’s the case of Prasad who is very hungry and decides to order food from a leading food ordering portal. Although he is a regular user of the portal, he has to fill in his card details every time he orders from the portal. This means he has to remember his card details or has to have it handy each time he orders online. Repetitive efforts to enter card details is one of the many pain points customers face while making online payments.

We at PayUmoney observed that payment checkout process which involves many steps usually leads to a high drop off rates. How about a feature which allows your customers to complete the payment via saved card or wallet balance without login multiple times?

A merchant’s primary concern is to give the best online payments experience to all his customers in a stipulated time span. We do understand this concern and hence are introducing a faster online payment checkout system called the Nitro Flow. The main benefit of this system is:

Fewer steps, Quicker payments

Integrating with nitro will help your customers save their valuable time. Customer details provided at the time of placing the order is synced with our database. In case of any saved cards or wallet, the information will be directly populated and shown. This feature leaves them with no multiple logins and hassle free transaction process.

Higher successful transactions

As your customers are not required to insert their card number and other details repeatedly, the question of incorrect details being filled doesn’t arise. Thus, minimizing the number of unsuccessful transactions to take place.

For instance, in the case mentioned above, the portal decides to integrate with PayUmoney’s nitro flow system. So now, after making his purchase and providing his mobile number and email id on the portal, Prasad will have to click on the “Pay now” button. He will be redirected to PayUmoney payment gateway page where his saved cards and/or wallet details will get populated. This will happen if the parameters passed by you i.e. customer’s email id and mobile number tallies with our database. In case the customer credentials do not exist, he will be simply asked to do a guest checkout.

Also, here you don’t have to worry about the security as your customer’s valuable credentials are stored in a highly secure PCI DSS environment.

Check this blog on Nitro flow integration to understand its unique features and simple process.