Shopify is a well-known name for business owners looking to create their e-commerce websites. It focuses on providing a great customer experience and it is a highly secure platform for businesses like yours with their shopify store. In a recent development, Shopify launched a payments platform that needs payment providers to build new apps to meet their secure guidelines. As of July 31st, payment providers who have not updated their integration will no longer be available on your online store.

PayU has upgraded the app for Shopify! Check it out here.  

It allows you to do much more with payments and covers you way beyond 31st July 2022. You simply have to follow the steps given in the video. 

Why Choose PayU’s Upgraded App for Shopify?

With the upgraded PayU app for your Shopify store you can: 

  • Start accepting payments within minutes from over 150+ payment methods. 
  • Grow your business by embracing the popular payment methods of India like UPI, wallets, BNPL, and EMIs along with debit cards, credit cards, and net banking to ensure a convenient as well as user-friendly experience for your customers. 
  • Experience the most efficient way of initiating, tracking, and managing refunds with PayU. 
  • Do away with the need to constantly switch your apps to manage your webstore and payments. 
  • Initiate customer returns in just one click and track all your transactions right from your Shopify dashboard. 

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Benefits of Using PayU’s Upgraded App for Shopify

Ready-to-use solution

Plug in PayU’s payments solutions to your Shopify webstore without coding. Provide your customers a hassle-free experience.

Consolidated dashboard

Manage all your transactions, refunds, disputes, and settlements from your Shopify dashboard.

Insightful analytics and reports

Download data reports across segments and view real-time transactions to have a data-driven approach to your business.