Social media marketing opens a plethora of opportunities to increase reach, visibility, brand recognition and sales.  However, it becomes complicated once you go beyond basics. Selecting business objectives, finalizing budget, fine-tuning target audience and measuring ROI requires an effective strategy.

Below, we break down the ways which can help drive your social media strategies on different platforms.

Social Media Tips

Facebook Marketing

With large customer base, easy-to-navigate interface and reasonable cost, Facebook can help your business grow with full potential. It also ensures that your budget is spent wisely while targeting specific group according to age, location and interests.

Twitter Marketing

Marketing on Twitter is quite simple, probably even more so than Facebook. You can run your campaigns according the trending hashtags and create a buzz about your brand instantly. However, targeting options are slightly limited when compared to other social media channels.

LinkedIn Marketing 

LinkedIn is more professional channel when compared to Facebook and Twitter. It is because of this reason the cost to advertise is much more excessive. However, here you can create thought leadership for brand by specifically targeting audience.

The Social Road

Set Business Goals: Your social marketing strategy should serve business goals.  

Set Marketing Objectives: Define and execute marketing strategies that can serve set goals. It can be generating leads, driving sales or establishing brand identity.

Create Measurable Goals: Make your objectives specific, measurable, achievable and time-bound.

Research Competition: Research your competition as it keeps you apprised of their marketing strategies.

Effective Content Strategy: Create an engaging content strategy that boosts your social channels. Content and social media are synonymous to each other. And if implemented effectively, it can do wonders for your social media marketing

Choose channels wisely: SMBs sometimes create accounts on every social channels without researching which channel will bring the best conversion rates. Choose the best social channels by using information about your customer base.

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