Do you feel the need to be on Instagram? Want to be on Instagram? But don’t know what to do once there? If yes, then you’re not alone! Many businesses feel the rising pressure to be available on all social media platforms without even thinking through a strong strategy. But Instagram is different from other social media platforms. You’ll require strong Instagram marketing strategy or a combination of strategies to build and grow your business successfully.

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Top 3 Instagram Marketing Strategy

The app has nearly 800 million active monthly users and 2 million monthly advertisers. Instagram for business is scaling up every second. Approximately 80% of businesses follow a business on Instagram. These are very good business numbers and they need to be put up optimal use! Check out these 3 Instagram marketing strategies which will help you organize your business on Instagram in the best way.

1.  Target Your Audience Wisely 

Just like any other plan or strategy, target audience plays the most important part of your Instagram marketing strategy. It is important to determine the audience you want to reach on Instagram. Before you narrow them down, it is crucial to be clear in your head about the objective of your business.

Perform a quick, extremely easy and most effective exercise to figure out the true ‘objective’ of your business on Instagram: Complete the Statement

I want to take my business on Instagram because………………

Pro-tip: Be brutally honest about your answer. Type the first thing that comes to your mind after reading the above statement.

Once you have found the objective it’s now the right time to move towards implementing that objective. The first step to do so is spotting and pulling out the right segment of the audience. Who is the ‘right set of the audience’? They are the ones your product or service has been designed for. For who you know will see your product once and will definitely stay with it or either instantly buy. They will be your loyal customers and fuel your cash-flow increasingly.

Some helpful factors involved in narrowing down the right segments of the audience for your Instagram business include:

a. Demographic – This factor helps you pick people belonging to desired age, gender, income, lifestyle and so on. For example: if you sell luxury men’s accessories then your desired:

    • Age group: 30 years and above 
    • Gender: Men & Women 
    • Income: Rs. 35,000 and above 
  • Lifestyle: outdoorsy, socializing, etc.. 

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b. Psychographic – In this factor a person’s attitude, interests, personality traits, values and so on. Keeping the above example in mind psychographic segmentation in your Instagram marketing strategy would include:

    • Personality Traits: Open, easy going, hard working, loves to socialize, stylish and so on 
    • Interests: Loves partying, fancy things 
  • Attitude: always wants to upgrade in life 

c. Geographic – We know the world is a small place and social media is meant to make it even smaller. But let’s be practical! If you are selling men’s luxury accessories then it makes no sense to target audience living in tier 2 or 3 cities or villages. You need to be very watchful of the culture each city or region beholds.

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2. Detailed Competitor Analysis 

The agenda is not to copy your competitors but to progress with the world and probably go 10 steps ahead of them. Make a list of all competitors in your space. Check their account regularly, make a keen note about what are they selling, which top brands are they selling on their Instagram account, how many people like, comment or tag their products and so on. This analysis will broadly give you a roadmap to create an effective Instagram marketing strategy for your business.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, there are a few specific factors you must take away from your competitors:

a. USP: Unique Selling Point is one exclusive factor which every business should possess. USP is the answer to a very prominent question: “Why should people buy my product or service?” Niche products, men’s office accessories or accessories from London, etc. could be your unique points. It differentiates one business from the other, so make sure your business is truly unique.

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b. Time of posting: As per research, the below could be the best days and time to post on Instagram to reach out to more people, but you also need to know when and what are your competitors posting. At what time are they posting luxury men’s hygiene products and at what time of the day are they posting men’s perfumes?  

Instagram marketing strategy best time to postImage Source: CoScehdule

c. What are you posting?: Men’s accessories may seem like a very narrow business, but you can always inspire people to explore this segment more through your posts. Post relevant and aspiring content on Instagram.

 3. Posting Regularly

The trick is to never run short of content. [bctt tweet=”Keep your Instagram handle or profile buzzing with pictures and stories to tell. ” via=”no”] It’s good to stick to your business but do offer variety of content to your users. Once in a while, you can put up couple watches or perfumes instead of just men’s accessories. Talk and show what’s the trend. For example, some men may prefer fancy buttons today than wearing cufflinks. Remember, we are here to do business and not to spam your users. Here are some interesting Instagram statistics that will never make you fall:

    • Photos with faces get 38% more likes 
    • Second half of 2017  saw 28% increase in Instagram ads 
    • Weekdays are most preferred by Instagram users to engage 
    • 80% influencers prefer Instagram for brand collaboration 
  • Instagram photos 36% more engaging than Videos 

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 Instagram Payments

At present, businesses only post their products, ask users to comment or direct message to buy, ask buyers send payments and then the product is sent to the buyer. This only makes the entire payment process or the joy to buy a product disturbing. Let’s revolutionize and make this payment process simple with PayUnow. The payment process is exclusively designed for you to accept payments directly into your bank account without sharing any confidential details. Here’s how you accept payments in few easy steps:

  1. Post your products on Instagram 
  2. Ask interested users to comment  
  3. You create a payment link on PayUnow 
  4. Share that link with them on Instagram via direct message 
  5. Your customers copy the link to a browser to pay 

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The biggest plus point of using PayUnow to accept payments on Instagram is:

    • It enables your customers to pay using multiple methods like credit/debit card, net-banking, UPI, wallets and more without downloading any app. 
  • Has no monthly limits on payments, so you can accept as many payments you want to.  

Use the best way to accept payments for your Instagram business. Know more about PayUnow.

Today, Instagram is growing stronger and users from other social media channels are moving here. So, it’s better to start now than wait for later and miss out on vital user segments. Put these Instagram marketing strategies to the best use. We understand your desire to keep growing your business endlessly, and hence we want to make accepting payments easy for you. Signup on PayUnow and accept payments from customers easily anywhere! 

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