It is Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 12, and a chance for all of us celebrate the mothers in our lives and the many roles that they play at home, work and in the community!

We, as an organization, are glad to have met and be associated with one such powerful woman – Vandana Chhabra. Vandana is the founder of an NGO called Vanaja Organics. The NGO aims at creating opportunities for a dignified living for underprivileged women by providing them vocational training.

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Getting back to Mother’s Day celebrations, this is the opportune time for online businesses to kick their Mother’s Day marketing efforts a notch higher.

According to data, one-third of Mother’s Day shoppers wait until a week before to make their online purchases, while 18 percent hold off until the last 48-hours.

So, don’t worry if you haven’t started with your Mother’s Day marketing yet! It’s still not too late. You have time between now and Sunday to target the Mother’s Day crowd and increase your sales. People like to do last-minute shopping. Here are five easy & quick marketing ideas to connect with your last-minute online shoppers:

1. Create Special Deals for Mother’s Day and Promote them Extensively

Creating promo codes, coupons or special deals for Mother’s day could be a great way of grabbing your audience’s attention and increase your sales. People love discounts! Therefore, you could offer them a discount on your existing products through coupons. Also, creating coupons would not take you much time. You can either get a page designed in-house terming your special deals or create a custom promo code using various online coupon makers.

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However, after you have created the special deals, it is essential that you promote them both online and offline. You can start with promoting your special deals on social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also on various groups created specifically for Mother’s Day.

Also, you could promote it prominently on the landing page of your website so that it is the first thing that people notice after coming to your site. You could also use web push notifications to bring it to your customer’s notice.  Another way could be of sending push text messages to your database as SMSes boast amazing opening rates.


2. Make Good Use of Online Forums

There are many online forums like Reddit, Google+ and others. You could join some of these online forums, wish the mothers and offer your products or services, wherever relevant. To win the audience on these online forums, make sure you have quality content and post it only to extreme niches.

For instance, in Reddit, you will find, subreddits that will give you an idea of some of the narrowest and specific interests. You can find such subreddits for Mother’s Day and make good use of it! You could cash in on self-gifting too!


3. Make an Eye-Catchy Infographic

According to data, infographics can increase web traffic by up to 12%.

Make a small infographic around Mother’s Day that has easy-to-digest information of what you intend to do or offer them and circulate it on social media. Creating a small infographic would not take much time. You could hire a designer for a day or Do-It-Yourself! Also, you could post the infographic on Pinterest, as many people go there to look out for options!


4. Run a Contest on Social Media

People love free gifts! You can create a contest for people to post photos of them with their mothers or children and win exciting prices. You could also give them a voucher and ask them to visit your store for shopping, this Mother’s Day! There are chances that people will come to your store after winning vouchers or participating in the contest. You will then get a chance to showcase your other products and service, increase reach and boost your sales too.


5. Offer Free Shipping or a Click and Get Service

According to reports*, 9 out of 10 consumers admit that free shipping is the number one incentive to shop online more.

Also, since nobody wants to give overdue gifts, you can make your business stand out by offering free shipping (or at discounted rates) to make sure your customers give the perfect gift at the right time and are happy! Take a glance at how Aveda does it for its customers!

Also, if your target audience is in your proximity, you could ask them to order for their Mother’s Day gift online, or come and check your store and get the gift delivered at home, at the time they want, for free. You could also offer mid-night deliveries to your customers.



While we talk of mothers and their special day, it is interesting to share that Mother’s Day is the most searched keyword in India for the last 5 years. Don’t believe us? Well, Google trends tell us so. Have a look!


This is one of the reasons why you should consider having great campaigns around Mother’s Day (if you haven’t already). Mother’s Day could be a big sales opportunity for online retailers. Work not only on attracting new customers but also on delighting the existing ones with your products and services. Most importantly, think of it as a special day and a chance to grow your business.

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