WooCommerce, an open-source plug-in, is a leading player in e-commerce platforms. It helps small entrepreneurs and large corporations set up their online presence with ease. Amongst other things, having a reliable Payment Gateway is very critical for an online business. And in this article, we help you with your Payment Gateway into WooCommerce integration.

Let’s get started with understanding how a trusted Payment Gateway can be fruitful for your business.

How Can A Payment Gateway Aid Your Business Operations?

The consumer’s financial data is sensitive and critical in a business operation. As the users share their data during the checkout process, the merchant must ensure that the payment gateway selected for their business should be secure and efficient. The role of an effective payment gateway is to ensure that:

  • Fraudulent activities are minimized.
  • The latest technology is used for data encryption.
  • It is convenient to install and operate.
  • It offers the maximum possible payment options for your business.
  • It operates seamlessly, without the need for frequent maintenance.
  • It is fast.

WooCommerce—Get Started With Your E-commerce Business Instantly!

As India has seen a boom in the online shopping sphere, many businesses, new and old, have rushed to create their online store. To avoid the inconvenience of building a website from scratch, increasingly, merchants are turning to platforms like WooCommerce to get help with creating their digital stores. 

WooCommerce has emerged as the preferred option for many to set up their online venture. All the features are convenient and easy to use. The WooCommerce Payment Gateway plug-in feature offers a convenient and ideal solution for a merchant’s payment processing needs. WooCommerce offers more than 1000 themes to its users.

How To Integrate A Payment Gateway Into Your Online Store On WooCommerce?

The option for a custom payment gateway in WooCommerce offers ready solutions at the checkout stage of the purchasing process. To integrate third-party payment gateways in WooCommerce India, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install the payment plug-in from the WooCommerce website. You can choose the appropriate payment gateway as per your requirement. In India, PayU India offers exemplary services and attractive terms for use as a payment gateway for your e-commerce business venture. You can download your chosen WooCommerce payment gateway integration option in your online store. Once the plug-in has been installed on your WooCommerce store, you need to click on the ‘Enable’ option from the ‘Payment’ option. The ‘Payment’ option will be available on your dashboard.
  1. Now, an important step is to configure the plug-in selected. Configuration can be done by clicking on the ‘Manage’ button from the dashboard. Settings that need to be configured will be visible now. These settings will allow you the choice to include API keys. For the WooCommerce payment gateway API configuration, you need to sign up with your selected payment gateway. As you get registered with the payment gateway service provider, you will receive API keys that need to be added to the settings in WooCommerce.
  2. Once the process is completed, the various modes of payment options will be displayed on the checkout page of your store.

WooCommerce allows you the option of ‘Test’ and ‘Live’ environments. It is recommended to do extensive testing on all parameters before you take the process forward for live transactions.


Although you can install most payment gateway options for free in WooCommerce, there are specific fees for using the payment gateway services. The WooCommerce Payment Gateway charges can be of the following types.

Set Up Charges

The Gateway provider might charge some amount as set-up charges. However, nowadays, in most cases, the Payment Gateway waives the set-up charges and offers the user to install the Payment Gateway plug-in for free.


Certain payment gateway companies have fixed costs to be recovered from the client towards the annual maintenance charges. These amounts are disclosed on the payment gateway service provider’s website, and the user can ascertain the cost to be paid before proceeding with the installation.

Transaction Discount Rate

These are the transaction charges applicable when the services are used. Usually, this fee is charged as a percentage of the transacted value. In some instances of above-average high-value transactions or microtransactions, you can contact your payment gateway company to check if they can offer customized pricing for your type of business.


To wrap up, we can say that WooCommerce provides integral support for your online e-commerce venture. A systematic operational approach allows you to create an effective online presence. You can integrate PayU India’s Payment Gateway effortlessly into your WooCommerce site, and the entire process is user-friendly. So you can now start planning for a wider reach for your targeted audience and grow your business exponentially on the Internet.


What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source platform that conveniently lets you set up an online website.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a technology that lets business owners collect payments online. PayU India provides various modes of collection to its users.

How can I use PayU India and WooCommerce together?

PayU is a payment gateway, and WooCommerce is an online e-commerce platform. You can effortlessly integrate a payment gateway into WooCommerce and start your business operations.