UPI does not need any introduction and it would not be an exaggeration to say that this payment method has singlehandedly spearheaded India’s digital payments transformation journey. In a short span of 4 years, UPI has grown to a scale of more than a billion transactions a month and has become the preferred method for a majority of Indians.

While P2P (person – to – person) transactions in UPI is a breeze, the world of P2M (person – to – merchant) payments is still a bit complicated with multiple flows and not all of them the optimal ones. One such area is the UPI P2M experience on iOS devices.

In this article, we will discuss a few solutions which merchants can use to optimize the UPI experience for their iOS customers.

Solutions like in-App experience and Intent Flow offer a native experience and better conversion for Android users while iOS users are offered the plain vanilla collect flow. Collect Flow is the most cumbersome of all UPI flows where a consumer enters the Virtual Payment Address (alphanumeric text), gets a notification on the same/different device, selects the notification or opens the consumer app (Google Pay, PhonePe, etc.), logs in using the app /device login and then enters the consumer MPIN to complete the transaction

After struggling with the permutations of alphabets and dots (or their absence) in their VPA, waiting or finding the app notification and switching between various apps in the device, not to mention the multiple network calls among the backend systems, the transaction is prone to remain pending, only leading to unfulfilled orders and abandoned carts or longer order completion time!

Offer Simple & Efficient Experience to iOS users with PayU

  • Intent Flow – By utilising the PayU iOS SDK, an intent experience similar to that available in Android devices can be provided where the consumer is re-directed automatically to their preferred PSP app. First level authentication can happen using the Apple Face Recognition, and the second level using the Bank MPIN. And that’s it! The intent flow in iOS thus brings reduced turn around time and improved efficiency which was only available in Android devices so far. Our merchants are reporting higher success rates in the range of 8 to 10% compared to the erstwhile collect only experience.
  • Advanced Collect Flow – One of the challenges in a regular collect flow is the initiation itself where consumers often forget their VPA or make mistakes in entering it. In the advanced collect flow, the payment request can be initiated using the consumer’s phone number instead of VPA. The consumer’s phone number is auto-filled by the merchant, they then receive a notification, open the app and enter the Bank MPIN, thus completely removing the hassle of remembering and entering an alphanumeric VPA. Needless to say, this flow offers anywhere between 6 to 8% higher success rate than the regular collect flow!

    But wait, 6 to 8% higher success rate only due to change in user input is slightly unbelievable, you ask…? Well, in case of a number-initiated collect flow, the nature of the transaction changes from a “Pull transaction” to a “Push transaction” i.e. an intent transaction which is pre-authenticated by the consumer as opposed to a pull transaction in case of a collect flow and hence contributes to better conversion rates.
  • Optimisations in VPA Entry – Consumer still wants to enter the VPA? Don’t worry, we have made this simpler too. The consumer selects the app name, we fill the second part of the VPA ‘@text’ and the consumer fills the prefix. After this, the VPA is validated before transaction initiation (in case the memory score does not come as 100%). To top it, the validation is done internally and does not involve any third party leading to a faster checkout

The UPI P2M transaction journey for iOS users has become smoother and effortless which has led to better conversion rates, faster checkouts, and better customer experience .

Feel free to contact us to know more about intent flow or advanced collect flow for your iOS app. Details about the integration are available here. PayU is India’s leading payment solution provider. To know more about our products and services,