You may have plans to grow your business. But capital may not always be available at hand. And accessing credit to fund decisions that can set your business up on an upwards growth trajectory can be an uphill task. What do you do when you are just trying to solidify your business’s presence in the market or want to take it to new heights, but don’t know how to fund the next steps?
As the old adage goes – where there is a will, there is a way.

PayU CreditClub – your search for accessible credit ends here

At PayU, we understand the challenges businesses face in accessing credit. And we believe that if you have the means, your business can achieve limitless growth. This is why we have launched PayU CreditClub – the one-stop solution for all your credit requirements. You can get customized credit solutions for different needs at all stages of your business’s lifecycle.

PayU FlexiCash – Get tomorrow’s funds today

One of the major roadblocks in accessing credit is the lack of extensive documentation traditionally accepted as proof of your business’s creditworthiness. If you are a PayU merchant, we can use alternative risk assessment methods that leverage readily available data to understand your borrowing capacity.

For instance, your business’s transaction history can indicate cash flow trends effectively. Based on this information, you can get an advance settlement to meet your short-term business needs. This process takes minutes instead of days, so you can get the capital you need to grow your business as soon as you need it.

FlexiCash is a short-term unsecured credit offering under PayU CreditClub built to suit your business’s ad-hoc cash needs. Here’s why:

  • you can get the funds you need right when you need it
  • no documentation is required for future credit requirements
  • only pay interest on the advance consumed, not the entire credit limit
  • if you are a PayU merchant, you do not have to submit any additional documents

While offerings such as advance settlements can help you meet short-term needs with speed, there are other offerings built keeping mid- or long-term and big-ticket requirements in mind. Being a PayU merchant can give you the edge of having access to reliable and affordable credit.

Even if you don’t have a high credit score, you can get bigger credit limits if you show strong sales made via PayU’s Payment Gateway. If you are not a PayU merchant yet, complete the quick online KYC and onboarding process to build a digital footprint of your business’s finances. You can get exclusive credit offerings on truly flexible terms through PayU CreditClub.

Partner with PayU to get exclusive credit offerings to grow your business

Your business needs a dependable credit partner at every step of the way to realize its full growth potential. If you dare to dream, PayU CreditClub can empower you to fulfill them.