PayUmoney’s core agenda is to keep all businesses running smoothly and soaring great heights. In our new “Inspiring Merchant Stories” catalog we have added one more name, “Netmax Computers”. We recognize their dream to make India, Delhi and specifically Karol Bagh a Free Wi-Fi zone by the time 2018 peacefully transitions to 2019. Here’s what makes Netmax PayUmoney payment gateway’s super merchant of the month!

The Making

Netmax Computers, an initiative by Tanvir Singh is an internet service provider company in Delhi. Way into the past, Tanvir started his career in a corporate after achieving a diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking. Along with his full-time job role, he also indulged in part-time computer repairing work back then. Around 2003, he decided to go solo and start his own company where he would work door-to-door repairing computer systems.

The Challenges

With a new business, no workforce and office, things by nature were a challenge to sail through. With immense vigor and perseverance, Tanvir brought his startup on the surface and in full visibility. He set up his office, recruiting efficient resources and providing internet services to households and offices. They hosted their services mainly in the Karol Bagh arena in full swing.

Apart from the initial challenge of getting started, Netmax faced another challenge of collecting payments for the services they provided duly. More often than not, customers would staple all sorts of excuses when it came to making payments on time. Also, payment collection required manual efforts of going to every subscriber doorstep for payments. All these issues caused a delay in receiving payments and hence the company cash flow was disrupted to an extent. Tanvir found a solution for that too!

Why Netmax Feels Secured With PayUmoney Payment Links

With a couple of recommendation and hardcore search, Netmax found its payment partner in PayUmoney payment links.

“With PayUmoney Payment Links, payment collection became very easy. We just send the Payment links to our customers and they can make payment online whenever and from wherever they want” – Tanvir Singh

Payment links helped the internet service provider to receive customer payments online via payment links at any given time without paying any home visits. The tools also helped Tanvir and Netmax to focus on other important aspects of the business which needed attention. Know more about PayUmoney’s payment links now!

The Future

With the payment challenge being resolved because of PayUmoney’s payment links, the company is more focused towards its dream of providing free Wi-Fi to public places and offices in and around Karol Bagh area. The work is already “work-in-progress” mode and the targets lie fulfilling their collective dream of making Karol Bagh a Free Wi-Fi Zone by end of the year 2018.

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