Starting an online business is much easier than opening a store or an office. However, when you sit down to think, there are numerous ideas that come into your mind for starting a business online – to become an affiliate marketer or to create your own brand and sell products…!

If you are too in this ambiguity of deciding on what online business to start within 2019, this post is just for you! We’ll share with you some low investment online business ideas that you can start in no time and who knows you become the next big entrepreneur!

This is the most amazing thing about the internet today. You can start your own online business from anywhere in the world with just a little knowledge of how to create and manage the website.

1.Create and Sell Digital Courses

If you have expertise in a particular field and can teach others, you can create an online course for the same. It can be in the form of training books (in parts), ebook, quizzes, trainings, podcasts or webinars, on a website.

There are various tools available online that may help you create your online courses in the form of presentations and videos. Create your course content, get it online, set a price for it and push it online through your website, social media and other mediums. The course can be in parts or one time, depending upon the length of the content.

You can also publish your ebook/book on sites such as Amazon for more popularity. Don’t leave any stone unturned to reach your target audience and we guarantee you’ll make awesome money in this business!

Create and Sell Digital Courses

2. Offer Marketing Services

Marketing does need some amount of knowledge about tools and terms. However, if you do not have the required experience, you can always join an online marketing course such as Hubspot to know about the tools you will need to start your own online marketing agency.

Marketing basically includes content, SEO, social media, brand and digital. And companies’ are always on a hunt to hire a marketing agency who could help them with their social media account handling, achieve a high SEO and rank high on search engines with their content.

If you can master SEO, content writing and social media, there are thousands of companies who will pay you well for your work and help!

Offer Marketing Services

3. Provide Editorial Services

If you have a passion for writing or editing, this is the easiest to start with! It requires no-very less investment and the demand for it in the business industry is huge. All companies lookout for freelance writers to achieve a high SEO for their website and ensure top ranking on search engines for published content.

Not only companies, your clients could also be students and other individuals who start their own business and require content. To help find clients, you can also create an account on freelancing sites for writers such as,, etc.

You can start individual with your own (brand) name and if you find the demand increasing, you can always add more members to your team. You can offer services such as copywriting, book writing, blogging, editing, proof-reading, magazine writing, etc.

Editorial Services

4. Click, Upload and Sell Photos

Are you passionate about clicking photos? You can use this passion of yours to earn a good amount of money by selling your photos online. There are many people who are willing to pay for good, unique and original photos for their use.

You can create your own website to display the collection of your photos or also, there are many online sites such as Shutterstock that invite individuals to share their photos and earn rewards.

Click, Upload and Sell Photos

5. Travel Agent

Though there are many traveling sites online that offer various deals. However, you start your online business being a travel consultant. You can share with people the best deals from various traveling sites so that they don’t have to hop from here to there.

The idea should be to get all the information under one roof. You can also offer your own travel services by tying up with local bus services, online reservation agents and hotels.

You can also tie-up with big travel brands and set up a commission with them on every reservation you get!

Travel Agent Website

FAQ on Business Ideas

1. What are some other hot new business ideas for beginners?

Some other hot new business ideas include becoming an Affiliate Marketer, to buy and sell domains, start consulting people on the stock exchange, create e-commerce stores, etc.

2. What small profitable business can I start with low investment like 10000INR or 20000INR?

You can start businesses such as social media or marketing consultants, event planning, blogging, customized clothes printing, online tutor, setting up e-commerce stores, etc.

3. What business can I start at home?

There are many businesses that you can start at home. Some of them include Copywriting, Virtual Assistant, Marketing Consultant, Digital marketing services, video production, web designing, translator, homemade food delivery, etc.

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4. How people become a millionaire?

Becoming a millionaire is not easy. You have to have a complete dedication to the work you do and your targets. Have a vision for your life and business and work towards achieving it. It is essential that you keep thinking of new ideas and innovate in order to grow business. Don’t lose your focus!

5. What are the most successful small businesses?

The most successful small businesses are website designing, catering services, cleaning services, grooming services, digital marketing services.

6. What kind of business can make me a millionaire?

Providing financial services such as forex consulting, trading, etc, education services, catering services, fin-tech services, healthcare business, communications, and marketing can make you millionaires.

7. What is the most profitable industry in India?

Some of the most profitable industries in India include Mineral Products, Aerospace, Machinery, and Mechanical Appliances, Automotive and Precious Metals, Stones and Jewelry.

8. What is the best franchise to own?

You can buy franchises of fast-food chains such as McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts or Taco Bell or supermarkets such as MAX etc.


To conclude, the online world is full of low investment business idea opportunities. It gives you a chance to connect globally! While all these ideas are easy to implement and would not burn your pockets, they can only be your secondary source of income initially.

It takes time, effort, persistence and a lot of hard work to grow a business and be a successful entrepreneur. Go through all these ideas carefully and think if one of these can work for you! If yes, don’t delay your dream and passion of becoming big even for a minute now! Start working on it, NOW!

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